Rambunctious Souls

sdsoulAre you one of the: “Freedom loving, fear fighting, pattern breaking, don’t give a shit anymore, sweet and loving rambunctious souls?”

Be proud, stand strong and keep on keeping on.

True freedom first step is: Not giving a rats ass of attention to whatever people are thinking of you.

People are breaking out in vast numbers right now of whatever prison they conceive themselves to be imprisoned in and the matrix is coming down very hard.

Either very obvious and direct or by its nasty fabrication of brainwashed unconsciously willingly self-appointed status quo drones, either in your so called friendships, fellow co-workers or family members.

Always ready to bring your freedom craving soul down if its inner tide should pull you away from the most traveled highway, endlessly road tripping the architecture of the “normal blueprint emotional infrastructure pre-designs” for you from womb to tomb.

From the minor details to the larger visions you may have for yourself. They are on it. Drones in the skies, drones by the dinner table, drones in the cantina.

In my surroundings and the people I engage with in my work I see them breaking free now. On a very profound scale.

They are getting off of the sofa so to speak, and are setting out towards new horizons. Without safety nets. Vision driven, heart driven, driven by the sweet taste of freedom, no matter what they would “lack” in matrix commodities.

Following their rambunctious hearts and dealing with their own personal pain in these processes, I salute their courage.

Ever so strong and fierce and yet ever so fragile, the most powerful cocktail your rambunctious soul will ever provide you with.

The Matrix can’t handle both strong and fragile, since the understanding of the concept would require: Empathy. It knows nothing of that emotion.

Looking back at it, we have always had that rambunctious seed, haven’t we? Just one example: The school system.

You are probably like me, old enough not to have been diagnosed with any strange letter combination that would have made you a target for big pharma. Remembering my time in that, I kinda diagnosed them; Boring, no nutritious value, so I wouldn’t eat their programmed so-called education. The only thing they could do was to beat the living shit out of me, but that fueled my rambunctious soul.

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Zen Haven | January 30 2013

6 thoughts on “Rambunctious Souls

  1. I find medicinal mushrooms like Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) help the body to adapt to various life stressors. Reishi has been used for more than 4,000 years as a mind and mood booster. In fact, Reishi is one of the oldest mushrooms known to have been used in medicine. It can help to relax the mind, sharpening and energizing it at the same time. I feel the changes we make on the inside effect outside manifestations and our full potential as creators.

  2. This brought me to tears because a) I identify with it, and b) I’ve been letting the matrix beat me down lately. I was one of those kids who was “labeled” and drugged up for years (still am, though not as much as I was), but my fighting spirit always came through. I was always on the move, because new things always interested me, and I managed to get by in the world despite. Well, lately I’ve been down, unhappy in my job, though not sure why, and feeling like I lost the connection I used to have. I have a feeling, though, that what needs to change is not my situation but my attitude. My boss told me yesterday that I need to stop caring about what people think so much, and he is right. Reclaiming my “rambunctious spirit” may be exactly what I need right now. But as for how to do that, I’m at somewhat of a loss. There have been times before when I felt like I lost it, and I really just had to wait until it came back. Who knows?

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for sharing. From the sounds of it what you’ve “lost” is your connection to a vibration that you sense is your spirit. I think if you can sense it you can reclaim it. As to the “how” you do it – that is best answered by your great Inner Being/ loving Spirit. This awakens in you now. Blessings, G

      1. Thank you, Gillian. I did watch that video, “21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration,” and I loved it. Writing in a journal is one of the things that really helps me- and I make it special, I use a feather quill, violet-colored ink and pretty notebook. Sometimes I feel like the graceful act of writing with the pen and ink helps more than getting my thoughts down! I also have to say that this blog is one of the main things that’s been getting me through life since I discovered it in December. Thank you so much for putting this all together- there is so much here, and it must take a lot of work! I especially look forward to the channeled messages 🙂 Also, I am thoroughly convinced that there are many spiritual, Sedona-like “hot spots” in the mountains of Pennsylvania- I get up there as often as I can!

      2. Thanks for your kind words, Alex. Yes. It does take consistent effort to update the blog daily. However, it is a source of joy and (mostly) happy interactions with wonderful energies I’ve met as a result of it.

        Glad to hear the act of penmanship is an energetically pleasing one for you. My penmanship is close to indecipherable. So I stick as much as possible to other forms of self expression. Blessings, G

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