Soros Wants To Completely Control Social Media [Video]

X22 Report – McMaster says the indictment shows that Russians meddled in the election. CIA admits that the US meddled in other countries elections but this was for democracy.

Hillary Clinton spent 53 times more money to manipulate the 2016 elections than the alleged Russians indicted.

Soros wants to completely control social media. He says people cannot think on their own and if people read something they might do the wrong thing.

USS Ross enters the Black Sea. The deep state is pushing their agenda saying Turkey is using chemical weapons.

McMasters says we  have all the proof we need that Syria is using chemical weapons.

The secret service changed security prior to the event in the high school. Q is now warning that something might happen in the UK, Q says there is a lot of chatter across the airwaves.

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SF Source Feb 2018

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