Spiritual and Physical Attraction

relationshipsVeronica – We are often asked what relationship standard is most powerful, physical or spiritual?

The topic is a tricky one. Most relationships in the physical are based upon the following- hormones, scent, emotion, and body type compatibility especially when you are younger.

Now we are not stating that these are not attributes of a good relationship. We are saying that they should not be the only ones. Without a spiritual connection the male/female has a smaller chance of survival.

It is important to understand that physical was meant to be finite. Therefore events within those confines will always have an ending. For the energy to be infinite the core needs to be spiritual. It is always based in the eternal and can be translated from life to life and beyond.

When you meet someone, because you are physical the hormones kick in often causing the individuals to act impulsively. A response to such an event can become a disappointment when the ‘magic’ suddenly dissipates.

These magic moments can become confused by the individuals as the right relationship. We suggest only that connecting soulfully is ultimately the better choice.

The best long lasting relationships are created from the root of your soul. For those who have experienced it found it to be so.

Take the time to explore the eternal aspects. Solidify the connection with your soul. Feel the energy physically while understanding the energetic aspects. This is the true path to solid connection in a relationship.

SF Source Inner Whispers Jun 2021

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  1. Without spiritual compatibility the male/female has a smaller chance of survival. Without compatibility, fortified by mutual understanding, true connection is not possible.

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