Spring Forward To Manifestation

manifestationVeronica – The possibilities that you are all born with, manifest themselves throughout your lifetime.  Most concern themselves with “what is my purpose for being here?  Why have I come into this world?”

Some feel disconnected from their possibilities.  Being distracted from your own core can lead to confusion.  While in human form the focus tends to be involved with the material cause of your being.  Often the possibilities get caught in linear, only to become lost within the dramas that tend to unfold.

Your energy field is a constellation of possibilities.  Putting your focus in the right place is imperative.

Become skilled at self examination.  Always look at all the details when making choices, and look at the totality of your energy.  From there, all possibilities can spring forward to manifestation.

A lot of you get caught up in the most immediate dramatic moments.  This can lead to a looping continuously of an interaction or event….. passing in a circular pattern over and over until deep exhaustion manifests instead.

Attempt to separate from that motion.  Use all the tools of awareness that you may not have considered using yet.  Unwrap the package and begin.

It’s also important to embrace the gifts you have been given.  Choose whether to utilize now or later, but certainly make it your business to make that choice.

SF Source Inner Whispers Aug 2019

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