Time of the Great Awakening

As you look around the world today and see so many things coming to the surface that are not in line with your values and the world you want to see, know that you are witnessing the dissolving and releasing of the old way. All these things that have been hidden before and are now coming into your awareness are not the world you want to inhabit or leave to your children or their children. The good news is your desire and passion for creating a new world is being ignited. You are being inspired to step into your life purpose and mission to create a New Earth and a new Golden Age of Freedom. ~ The Council of Ascended Masters

lifeSharon Rose – This is the Time of the Great Awakening when you awaken to the magnificent truth of your sacred origins and the inherent power to create and recreate a life and world that honors all of life, starting with yourself and expanding to include all of humanity and the Earth. As you awaken to your full identity and use your God-given power of choice to make wise, loving compassionate decisions, this is the time that will turn the negative, downward tide into a new cycle to usher in a new Earth of peace, plenty and possibilities without limit of freedom and joy.

When you remember who you are and that you are here at this time on Earth to create a new world in co-creation with the millions of other Lightworkers and that this is part of your own Divine Blueprint, you don’t waste any time blaming or complaining, knowing that behavior only strengthens the old way you are wanting to see pass away.  Instead you begin to focus on activating the part of the New World that is yours to create. 

When you look at your present world, what is it that you most want to see transformed? What is your vision of the world you want to be part of? What is the life you want to live? What do you most passionately desire to see changed? These are the questions you want to ask yourself so you remember your individual and larger life’s purpose and the part of the personal and global puzzle you so joyfully anticipated coming to Earth to create.

Imagine living in a world with no fear, lack, hunger, dis-ease, pain, depression, anger, conflict, abuse, violence, war or suffering. Imagine how different your life would be. A myth, your doubting mind might say, that can never happen. Yet we will tell you that is how you all lived in your last Golden Age when you were all fully connected to the Divinity within you, and you created lives of joy and loving unity and lived in beloved communities. It is recorded in your DNA and deep in your heart of hearts, and this is what has brought you back to Earth at this auspicious time as you go through the Great Shift of the Ages to live in Oneness with your True Self and create this new life and world.

Begin today to spend time envisioning this new life and this new world, this New Earth that you have come to inhabit. Feel yourself already living in this new life and this new world that nourishes your heart and soul. And every day, ask yourself: What can I do today to help create this new life and world of radiant health, longevity, collaborative co-creation, loving relationships and partnerships, empowered solutions for all life with peace, prosperity and abundance for all? A world of Awakened Co-Creators bringing Heaven to Earth. This is your time, Beloveds, to fulfill your life’s mission. You are creating the most glorious time of your life that everything else has been preparation for. And if you could see just how glorious this new world is, you wouldn’t wait another second.

We are with you every step of the way.

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SF Source WalkTheEarthAsALivingMaster Sep 2018

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