Stew Peters Eviscerates Deep State Demons Fauci & Soros [Video]

They’re All Evil! The Devil In Human Form!

James Red Pills America – Who else can rip the eyeballs out of the #dDeepState demons & their complicit cohorts (the rinos) better than Stew Peters of Politically Correct Radio?! In this highly compelling video, Stew literally eviscerates these demonic weasels, exposing the truth that our ‘freedom’ is fast becoming a carefully fabricated illusion: it’s demise being masterfully orchestrated by the likes of Fauci, Soros, Gates!

You’ll be grinning ear to ear as you watch and hear Stew laying bare the sordid details and lies which are intricately woven into a blinding and all-encompassing web of deceit by the Deep State & their complicit puppets.

Be forewarned that these truth bombs are more than most people can even handle!! But you can handle the truth….can’t you?! If you can, then this video will be music to your ears. If not, then you are patriotically impaired (here’s your sign!)

SF Source May 2021

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