The Strangeness Of The California Fires [Video]

CaliforniaJoseph P Farrell – Today I want to talk about those fires in California…
Every now and then, I do come across a video that intrigues me(this time from Mr. D.S.M.), and so I went looking for more, and found a couple that I want to share, and comment on. But first I want to remind people of the background.

Last year we saw similar fires in California, and with them, abundant indication of something highly anomalous about them, including what for me was the tell tale giveaway: plants that were unburned, but which were “rolled” or pushed into bizarre shapes, as if a giant had come along and stomped or twisted them into these bizarre shapes.

As I wrote in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, such effects are common when very high power microwaves are directed at plants. I speculated in that book, based on some British scientists’ studies of crop circles, that they were formed by microwaves and most likely by microwave interferometry, and were in fact a kind of “test pattern” to see how closely and tightly such waves  and interferometry patterns could be controlled and manipulated.

If that hypothesis and speculation be true, then the crop circles are evidence that such control can indeed be very precisely directed. What one is seeing are exotic shapes and drawings being produced by remote means – the interferometry – while the surrounding crops are undamaged. I’m even entertaining the idea (now) that such interferometry may be creating unique localized magnetic effects, and that the magnetic effects are the direct causes of the strange patterns, and not the microwave interferometry itself.

In any case, a little reflection on this speculation will show that the same basic phenomenon is in evidence in the strange fires in California: whole houses burned to a crisp, while nearby shrubs and trees appear unburned, and in some cases, not even charred by the ambient heat of the fires. That, at least, was the case last year.

Now we have fires again, and thus far, I’ve been reluctant to comment on them because I wanted to see some evidence of these types of anomalies. So far there have been statements about “firenados”, super-heated vortices, and speculations that these could be the result of such technologies.

I suspect that they can be, but need not must be, for similar vortices were reported by the survivors of the British fire-bombings of Hamburg and Dresden during the Second World War. But Mr. D.S.M. sent a long the first video that I’ve linked below, and I went looking for more by the same lady doing the analysis, and found another.

At this stage, yes, I do think there may be enough to put these most recent fires in the “strange” category and to see the possible use of some such exotic microwave technology, perhaps in conjunction with other technologies. Here are three videos from the same lady to ponder:

Of course, the problem is why anyone would do such a thing? Granting for the sake of argument that my (and this lady in the video’s) speculations are true, then why would this be being done? I suspect that the same speculation as we advanced for the previous fires, may be operative here: someone wants the land, for whatever purpose, and wants to pick it up for pennies on the dollar. That’s probably the most disturbing speculation of them all, in terms of its implications…

…for it implies that someone with “access” to such exotic technology, which one may assume are owned by the government or corporation, may be using it for purely private agendas and gain…

In any case, I suspect this is one of those cases of “you tell me”…

See you on the flip side…

SF Source Giza Death Star Aug 2018

6 thoughts on “The Strangeness Of The California Fires [Video]

  1. Dr. Farrell: I live in Northern Calif and narrowly escaped those fires last year. I know a number of people who were in that fire and I know some that were in the Redding CA fire (Carr fire). I’m going to Redding day after tomorrow and will see what it looks like. Also have a firefighter friend who is currently working the Redding fire. When he gets back I will talk with him. If I find anything out I will let you know. But I fully agree with you, I’ve seen videos where homes and cars were melted but shrubs unburned or even scorched. Very, very weird and not normal. It is said that Calif is broke (from paying all those illegal immigrants) so Brown started fires to ask Pres Trump for money – which he got. Pot has been legal here for 2.5 yrs but we are broke – when CO made $1 billion in their first year – wth?

      1. We don’t have a choice; like many other states, our politicians are SELECTED not ELECTED. 1.5 yrs ago, Univ of Berkeley did a poll and found that 76% of Californians did not want sanctuary cities/state to be legal. 3/4 of Californians DO NOT WANT ILLEGALS here but were ignored. What does this tell you? At least 11 counties voted Trump but after cheating it HRC was declared winner. I think if the truth were known, Trump won 2016 election in California. I’m not the only one who thinks this. Only those who never read the news voted for HRC.

      2. Thanks for replying. I agree that the socialist/communist Demon machine has a fierce grip in large portions of California (likewise Chicago, Philadelphia, New York – all major population centers). If that weren’t the case nuts like Low IQ Waters, Putty-brained Pelosi and Spy Feinstein would have been routed out ages ago.

        The corruption in California became obvious during the Sanders/Clinton nomination fight when MILLIONS of ballots cast for Sanders mysteriously got lost, or were outright destroyed.

        Not sure if that will be repaired by this November election. However, I do believe there will be marked changes in place by the 2020 election cycle. The cabal’s hold is crumbling. The peeps are waking up. There’s hope, even for California. #WWGOWGA -g

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