A Course Correction

AquariusLorna Bevan – On the heels of last weeks’ Super Full Moon, we are now entering eclipse territory when the ripples from these cosmic wild cards can already be felt a month beforehand. For 18 eclipse strategies, get: “Making Eclipses Work for You”

May is going to bring a potent Buddha New Moon, Jupiter exiting Aquarius for Pisces, a total lunar eclipse and both Saturn and Mercury turning retrograde. Knowing that time-line shifts are inevitable, make the very most of this week to take stock and do a course correction.

On May 3, the Sun in Taurus makes an exact square to Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius – both of them Fixed signs. Think back to January 24th when the Sun made a conjunction to Saturn at 4° Aquarius. Look at where and how you’ve had to accept reality checks and come to terms with what can and can’t be changed.

If you’ve been resisting the process of adjustment, or waiting for things to get back to “normal”, it’s now past time to acknowledge which old habits, relationships, jobs or circumstances are dead in the water and to channel your resourcefulness into building something more sustainable.

Both Venus and Mercury will be active all week aligning with Pluto and Jupiter-this is an opportunity to find signs of new growth in old places.

Chandra Symbol for Sun 14 Taurus: An old lady selling bunches of violets on a street corner.

“Caught inside a strange predicament–you no longer belong to worlds you always dreamed into before and you have only a slight connection with worlds calling you forward from here. Caught in a time warp, being neither this nor that.

Your heart is divided between memories and visions, sentiment and knowledge. Inside this quandary, something else is going on.

You are distracted from all solid allegiances in order to overhaul your way of being, even while remaining stubbornly adamant and resistant.

Make yourself ready for deeper challenges ahead by stripping away your self-importance; you who have leaned back hard on self-importance for your very identity and who now must let go despite not wanting to at all.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Weekly forecast – Individual signs


SF Source Hare In The Moon May 2021

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