Super Full Moon

super moonLorna Bevan – Get ready for the 1st of 2021’s 4 Super Moons – a Full Moon on steroids at its closest to the earth anchoring an April 24-30 shock window. This April 27 event will bring strong geo-cosmic disturbance, since it is conjunct volatile Uranus in Fixed Earth sign Taurus, amplifying the revolutionary Saturn-Uranus square that is all about shock and awe. It’s a period when strong storms and seismic activity are likely.

A Super Moon is planetary in scope, so there’s no limiting the zones of Earth’s atmosphere, seas and crust that are subject to the Super Moon tidal effect. The astro-locality map draws a longitudinal bead straight north-south through China, the Korean Peninsula, the southwest tip of Japan, Indonesia and east-central Australia.

There’s also a vulnerable horizon arc that sweeps north easterly through the Pacific Ocean to cross over the US Pacific Northwest, and from the southwest coast of Canada crossing north Central Greenland before dropping down through Northern Europe.

Amplifying the intensity, Pluto is stationing to turn retrograde on April 27/28th. There will be issues around control at both a political and personal level as Sun /Venus/Uranus/Mercury all square Saturn in Aquarius from Taurus while Disruptor Eris squares Pluto in Capricorn from Aries.

As well as shaking the planetary crust and moving the oceans, Super Moon energy fries and fritzes your system – physical, emotional and etheric. Know it is a Global effect. Don’t make it personal; rest. Accept the deep transformation we are in. We all need extra rest in order to hold the balance. Finding and then following the natural rhythms and flow of your unique energy signature becomes hugely important for grounding. Your mind is way too small and undeveloped a tool for this high level of vast Light energy.

The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon 8 Scorpio: A simple man with white hair. He has an angelic countenance.

“Split down the middle between advanced and retrogressive dynamics. Karmically a hybrid mixed from opposite sides that seldom go together. Grafting onto an exceedingly inward nature a pointed and driving ambition to become somebody.

Yet your inward nature contains within it a host of retrogressive pulls of great power and intensity, and your newfound footing in the world of self-mastery is tense and pressurized by shadows of the past threatening to engulf whatever territory you can begin to make your own.

Everything being right where it needs to be for the impossible to occur and all of the chains to be cut loose.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Apr 2021

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