Sweep Away Negative Energy

sweep away negativityKatie Lyn Easter – Negative energy can have a sneaky way of creeping into our daily lives, invading our homes, and infiltrating our mind if we are not aware.

But… There are many ways to clear this negative energy, and today, I am going to show you one of my favorite ways to remove negative energy from your sacred living space.

It involves a little cleaning, so you will be killing two birds with one stone, by cleaning up your space and clearing the negative energy at the same time.

I think you will agree, a clean living area has better energy than a messy one, right?

Did you know that you can literally sweep away negative energy?

How can you sweep away negative energy? It’s easy!

Here is what you need:

This activity takes about 15 minutes. Ideally, you will need a new broom, preferably one that has natural bristles. You will also need some incense. I recommend resin incense of sandalwood or frankincense, but whatever you have on hand will work.

You also need to grab a sharpie marker and a safe container or censer to burn the incense. Safety first!

Ready? Let’s get to work!

First things first:

You should ideally use a new broom. Did you know brooms harbor energy? That’s why you should not bring the old broom with you when you move, and NEVER borrow a broom from a neighbor, because you could be inviting bad energy from their place into yours.

Follow these simple steps to clear the negative energy:

Step 1.

Prepare your incense. Get a lighter and a fireproof container or incense stand ready. Have your broom handy, you will need it in a minute. Place your incense in its holder.

Step 2.

Carefully light your incense. I prefer Frankincense or sandalwood resin, but as I said, you can use whatever type of incense you have on hand.  Let the incense have a minute or two to get going and begin smoldering.

Step 3.

Take your broom and carefully pass the broom through the smoke of the incense. Be mindful to focus on the bristles and try to get the smoke to reach all the bristles. Hold the intention of clearing your broom of negative energy.

It’s best to use a new broom for this purpose, and one that has natural fiber bristles. You can usually pick one up at the grocery store. I personally chose a corn bristle broom, and they are quite easy to find. After you have saturated the bristles with the smoke of the incense, set the incense aside in a safe spot and let it burn out.

Step 4.

Get out your sharpie marker, we are going to do a little artwork here. With your marker write on the broom handle, starting at the bottom this text:

“I sweep the negativity away”

Write around the broom handle, circling it until you reach the top.

I also like to tie a ribbon at the base of the broom, where the handle meets the bristles. It looks pretty, but more than that, the bow reminds me that this is my special broom, set aside for the specific purpose of clearing negative energy from my home.

Step 5.

When you are done writing on the broom, simply state “It is done”. This affirms to you and the universe, that the broom is sanctified and ready for its purpose. Now you are ready to do a little spring cleaning.

Step 6.

Begin to sweep the floor. Start at the front of your living area and work toward the back. As you sweet, keep a mental picture in your mind of negative energy being gathered up into a pile along with the dust and debris.

Grab a dustpan and sweep the dirt into the dustpan while still maintain the mental picture of the negative energy being swept into the dustpan.

Toss the dirt into the trash can and shake the broom over the trash can, seeing all the negative energy being thrown off.

Now that you are done sweeping, it’s time to let the good energy into your home.

Step 7.

Put your new, sanctified broom away, and open the front door. Welcome in the fresh air and positive energy, along with it.

Imagine the positive energy flowing into your home. Now, enjoy you positively charged home and living space.

Here is a tip: You can periodically take the broom and run the bristles through incense to remove negative energy that may accumulate. I clear and clean my broom with incense about once a month, but you do what feels right to you.

I hope you find this method a quick, easy way to get negative energy out of your house and keep your living area full of positive vibes.

Thank you for reading!

In love and light, Katie Lyn

SF Source Wake Up World Oct 2020

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