Accepting What Is

acceptanceAA Gabriel – When we suggest for you to accept what is, we mean to be lovingly aware of all situations occurring in and around you — both personally and globally. This means to accept the appearance of what is occurring, without judgment. There is a greater truth underlying all things, no matter how it appears. When you accept a situation as it is, it allows you to release any attachment to having it be different. It is this attachment that can cause you pain.

Just as a child grows and blossoms when in an atmosphere of acceptance and love, so does our world become more expansive and creative when we bring to it this energy of acceptance. When we try to force a child to do what we want, when we have great attachment to his or her behavior conforming to our idea of what is appropriate, the child’s energy is restricted. There is no freedom to express the expansiveness of individual creativity. Continue reading “Accepting What Is”

Release or Repeat, Continuation or Closure

graceJennifer Hoffman – This is a channeled message from Archangel Uriel.

Every aspect of your life on earth is purposeful, meaningful, and focused on a single objective, to resolve karma which is experienced as incomplete and dense energies that remain in the earth’s grid from past life trauma. Each person who creates these energies must eventually return them to a divine state. This is your soul mission and each lifetime’s purpose is to complete that mission. Therefore, every life choices revolves around the choice to release the energy or repeat it, to create closure or to continue it.

There is no right or wrong way to do this and there is no right or wrong choice. A choice to release is no better than a choice to repeat, it merely indicates that the learning is incomplete with that situation and another energy cycle is required. This also applies to closure or continuation. If you are not ready for unconditional closure, then you will choose to continue the lesson, no matter how painful, traumatic, unrewarding, or challenging it is. Continue reading “Release or Repeat, Continuation or Closure”

Accepting Yourself As You Are

acceptanceMary O’Malley – One of the most radical and revolutionary things you can do is to accept yourself as you are; to become your own best friend.

But you, like all of us, have been trained in the exact opposite. You have been told you need to different than what you are in order to be okay. This can sometimes be so subtle you hardly notice it, but it runs us all from underneath our everyday awareness.

When you were very young, messages came from all around you that what your body looked like was not okay.  It was too tall, too short, too big, too small, too plump, too skinny.  You were also told that a lot of what you experienced was not okay.  It was not okay to be sad, to be angry, to be vulnerable, to be exuberant, to be afraid, or even to have sexual feelings. And if you did express these, you were often punished, and for some of us, even to the point of being called sinful.

Because you were conditioned to be ashamed of yourself at the deepest level, you learned to hide what was deemed unacceptable. This became necessary for survival. You also learned to create a persona, a mask, to show the world and, at times, this would feed the heartache of feeling like a fake. Continue reading “Accepting Yourself As You Are”

Life Is Better When We Focus on What We Appreciate, Not What’s Lacking

“Wisdom is merely the movement from fighting life to embracing it.” ~Rasheed Ogunlaru

lifeNicole Hind – Recently a friend told me a story about taking her seven-year-old to the circus. It was a wonderful mother-daughter outing. Just the two of them, no pesky brothers or dad tagging along and getting in the way.

They had the best time. They watched acrobats and clowns and all manner of brand new delights, gasping at one another gleefully at every new feat. They bathed in each other’s company without interruption, laughing and having fun. Literally all the things.

After this magical afternoon, as the two of them were leaving, my friend’s daughter spied the merchandise stand and wanted her mum to buy her a plastic fairy wand. My friend gently but firmly said no. Continue reading “Life Is Better When We Focus on What We Appreciate, Not What’s Lacking”

Spend Quiet Time At The Holy Altar Within

allowJohn Smallman – The changes now occurring on Earth are amazing, and they are due to people like you – those reading and listening to blogs like this – intending every day as you awaken to be loving and accepting in every interaction, in every situation, and releasing all judgmental thoughts without engaging with them.

As you are being consistently reminded: There is ONLY Love!  And you, the Light bearers, Light workers, Starseeds, and those of you who have seemingly only recently embarked on your spiritual paths, have now realized that and are constantly doing your utmost to live that divine Truth.

Of course, you have all been on your spiritual paths since you incarnated for your present human life, it’s just that some of you are only just becoming aware of that.  Despite your seeming unawareness you have in fact been following that path all your lives, it’s just that you had lessons to learn, core issues to heal and release, or contractual obligations to fulfill before you were ready for awareness of your spiritual destiny to arise within you.

None of you are in any way inadequate, you are all divine beings doing precisely what you incarnated to do.  Let go of all negative self-judgments because they are completely invalid.  You are all beloved children of God, highly honored for what you are doing even though it may appear to you that you have nothing of value to offer humanity in its massive awakening undertaking.

Continue reading “Spend Quiet Time At The Holy Altar Within”