AA Michael August 2019 Message

lightAA Michael – My beloved champions of light, it is not a time for the faint-hearted, and it is time to stop dabbling in Spirituality. Many of you have been half-hearted in your endeavors to awaken to the wisdom of the Soul and your Higher-Self. It is time to set your heart afire with an intense desire to claim Self-mastery and become a Soul-Seeker instead of a pleasure-seeker.

The secrets of how to traverse the dramatic changes and the chaos of transformation are constantly being revealed to you. However, you must make the effort and actively strive to incorporate the fail-safe methods available to you if you are to successfully ride the crest of the waves of change during the turbulent years ahead.

It is a time of letting go of the old – making way for the new. An upgrading and refinement of every facet / spark of God-consciousness, as well as of every dimension, are gaining momentum as the rarified light of the supreme creator beams forth to the very edge of manifested creation within this sub-universe. Continue reading “AA Michael August 2019 Message”

AA Michael April 2019 Message

sacred mindAA Michael – Beloved masters, you must endeavor to expand your capacity for love/light so that it includes all creation: love of nature, love of animals, love and compassion for humanity, love for your perceived enemies, and most important, love of Self. For in essence, all of creation is a part of you, and you are a facet of the Supreme Creator.

The expansion of God-Consciousness results in an expansion of your auric field–your light radiance. Over time, more and more of you will develop a radiance so powerful and expansive that it will begin to have a positive effect on those around you–and eventually on the Earth and all humanity.

Quite a large number of the more advanced souls have already gained this ability. However, you must remember, you cannot convey that which you have not claimed as your own. Also, remember this: an important part of your mission on Earth is to intensify the light of the lower dimensions. Expansion of soul-consciousness results in an expansion of the auric field, both in intensity and scope of influence. Continue reading “AA Michael April 2019 Message”

AA Michael January 2019 Message

vibrational patternsAA Michael – Beloved masters, as you traverse the return path into the higher-dimensional realms of existence known as the River of light/Life, or sometimes, the rainbow bridge of cosmic consciousness, the vibrational patterns within and around you are in a constant state of change. This has resulted in an ever-increasing expansion of consciousness, whereby the filters through which you view your world of reality, as well as the belief-structures you have built around you, are gradually being replaced with higher, more empowering truths.

The world you have created, and those you interact with, will always reflect back to you the beliefs and expectations you have accepted as your truth.

In a painful or debilitating situation, there are always distorted or imbalanced beliefs and attachments which keep you imprisoned in a false, illusional reality.

The beliefs which control many of your actions and reactions on a daily basis are slowly dissolving, and are being replaced with self-empowering concepts you are gradually accepting as your new version – vision – of reality.

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The Power And Majesty Of The Elements

fireAA Michael – Beloved masters, an understanding of the elements of fire, air, water, and earth, which are unique components, facets or elements of the nature of our Father/Mother God within this sub-universal experience, is vitally important as you seek greater wisdom and strive to claim self mastery. These are the four major elements, which were encoded within the bodily system of the original human form to assist in Self realization and Self mastery on the material plane of existence.

These elements are supplied to all created matter in this Sub-Universe via the great Archangels’ ray-diation of the twelve rays of God Consciousness from the heart core essence of our Father/Mother God.

♦  The Etheric body and Soul Self are attuned to and are fed by the element of Cosmic Fire.

♦  The Mental body resonates to and is energized by the element of AIR /Ether.

♦  The Emotional body is attuned to and affected by the element of Water.

♦  The Physical body is anchored by and attuned to the element of Earth, for the duration of each Soul’s journey into the realms of density, the First through the Fourth Dimensions.

The qualities, attributes and virtues of the seven rays of God consciousness for this solar system were placed within Spheres of light. Continue reading “The Power And Majesty Of The Elements”

You Are A Star Of Cosmic Sacred Fire

lightAA Michael – In the very beginning each of you were one of the holy innocent Ones, a brilliant Spark of the Supreme Creator. When it came your turn to externalize and awaken, you suddenly were aware of your godliness as a fragment of the All That Is. Then came a startling awareness of your own conscious I AM Presence as an individualized facet of the Creator. This awakening of souls has continued at every level, in every dimension of creation, and continues today as great beings of light are brought forth to create new galaxies, solar systems, planets and worlds without end.

In these extraordinary times, to one degree or another, there is a major internal, transformational process occurring within every soul on Earth. Individually, you are experiencing a clearing and cleansing process as well as modification and expansion in various areas of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies; changes which are necessary if you are to hold up under and integrate the ever-increasing vibrational frequencies which are bombarding your Earth at this time.

There is an ever-increasing number of energy fields of consciousness available to you, the awakening Starseed. Just as the Creator light pours forth from the cosmic treasury of light to be used by the Elohim and builders of form, this rarified light is available to those of you who are now attuned to at least the higher 4th- and lower Fifth-dimensional frequency patterns.

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