Addiction in Our 3D World: The Role of the Shadow

consciousnessSarah Elkhaldy –  In Part 1 of practicing shadow work we went over what the Shadow is and laid some foundation with common defense mechanisms that keep us from connecting with our shadow.

We know the Shadow is a composite character of everything that’s excluded from our waking consciousness, but why does the Shadow exist in the first place and where did it come from?

In order to better understand what the Shadow is, we need context and its context has to do with our journey from pure source consciousness into the realm of dense physicality, so saddle your broomstick ‘cause we’re going meta for this one. Continue reading “Addiction in Our 3D World: The Role of the Shadow”

Taking Your First Steps Towards a Drug-Free Life

Drug-Free LifeAddiction is a growing issue across the United States with an increasing number of people becoming dependent on alcohol, opioids, and other drugs. That being said, people rarely make conscious decisions to become victims of addiction. In most cases, it starts off on a small, relatively harmless scale and slowly swells to the point where it’s out of control. Regardless of the substance being abused, the mind and body eventually come to rely on having it to fall back on in stressful situations or to take the edge off trying times.

By then, the thought of forging through each day without drugs or alcohol becomes as frightening as that of losing control may have once been. It begins to feel like there’s no way out of the vicious, dangerous cycle. While the situation may seem hopeless, certain steps can help you make the transition to a drug-free life. Continue reading “Taking Your First Steps Towards a Drug-Free Life”

Are you actually motivated to beat the addiction?

addictionAccording to healthcare professionals in addiction recovery, the healing journey cannot start if substance abuser doesn’t want it. Motivation is the first step and also an essential part of recovery. Furthermore, it is crucial at the beginning but also has to be present during the whole process of quitting alcohol or drugs. How to find the stimulation to start and keep the willpower alive throughout the difficult time is what people in the free rehab centers underline as one of, if not the most important question.

In order to fully comprehend its importance and how to choose the right way to motivate yourself or others to stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs, some knowledge should be gathered first. The word “addiction” (from the Latin addicere) has been used since the 15th century to describe the state of high devotion to something that can eventually lead to compulsive behavior.

Continue reading “Are you actually motivated to beat the addiction?”

Reasons people are addicted to online slots

online slotsGambling addictions are at an all-time high with huge numbers of gamers taking to sites to play bingo, poker and roulette every single day. Slots are among the most addictive of the online games, but the problem with addiction as a whole cannot be ignored.

Warren Buffett has been famously quoted for calling gambling, in general, a ‘tax on stupidity’, but regardless of the individual opinions – the facts still stand that slot addiction is at a high with 0.1 per cent of the population identified as gambling addicts.

It’s a problem that leads people into dire financial situations, leads to depression, the falling apart of families and mass stress on the individual. But with strong withdrawal symptoms and temptations on every corner of the internet – it’s not always quite as simple as quitting cold turkey. Continue reading “Reasons people are addicted to online slots”

What are the Options for Those Suffering From Addiction?

addictionAddiction isn’t easy, both for those affected by it and those who are close to them. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, there are a few steps you can take toward getting help.

There are many people who are passionate about helping people with recovery, and finding these institutions, centers, and individuals can change lives. It’s crucial to remember that there are tons of options and resources out there for people in this situation. Don’t be scared to take the leap.

Group therapy for support and belonging

Group therapy is a great way for you or your loved one to connect with others in similar situations. For some people, substance addiction is connected to a lack of community or belonging. Sometimes having addiction issues makes those affected feel even more isolated from their peers. Having a group therapy session with different types of people going through similar issues can have a significantly positive outcome. Continue reading “What are the Options for Those Suffering From Addiction?”