Italian Politician Calls For Arrest Of Gates

ItalyJoseph P Farrell – This was another story that so many people found and passed along, that a “general thank you” to all of you who did so will have to suffice. Their reasons for doing so will be self-evident: a member of the Italian parliament, in a speech delivered on the floor of that body, publicly called for arresting and charging Baal Gates (our new nickname for the busybody billionaire suggested by M.H.) with crimes against humanity.

The speech was delivered by Ms. Sara Cunial, and according to the following article, which reproduces her speech in full, was met by broad applause and approval in the Italian legislative body, and in addition to referring to Mr. Gates, also implies his “philanthropical” foundation – the Baal and Malicious Gates Foundation – is a cover for these activities: Continue reading “Italian Politician Calls For Arrest Of Gates”

How to Improve Your Quality of Life

lifeImproving your quality of life is critical for several reasons. For starters, the better your quality of life, the better your chances are of improving your finances, health, and overall happiness. In light of this, there are a number of paths you can take in a bid to improve your quality of life.

A number of these paths will likely be paved with adopting positive behaviors, being more disciplined, and learning to be present more often. Irrespective of what path you choose, you’re going to need to make conscious decisions that lead to the improvement you desire. If you need a little help and are looking for practical ways to improve your quality of life, the good news is that you’re going to find a few below.

Improve Your Finances

Money isn’t everything, but finances play a critical role in improving your quality of life a lot of the time. In light of this, finding ways to improve your financial standing is critical. Some tips for improving your finances are setting yourself realistic financial goals, creating a spending plan, tracking your spending, creating long-term goals such as those targeted towards retirement, and increasing your sources of income. By improving your finances, you create more opportunities for yourself and have greater access to the resources you need to live a good quality life. Continue reading “How to Improve Your Quality of Life”

Putin Pardons Poorest African Countries – Forgiving $20 Billion Debt

debtSean Adl-Tabatabai – Russian President Vladimir Putin has written off debts totalling $20 billion dollars owed by some of Africa’s poorest nations.

In a historic move, Russia told the United Nations that in order for Africa to thrive, wealthy countries need to alleviate the debt burden of African countries.

“Our country is taking steps to alleviate the debt burden of African countries. The debt for the heavily indebted poor countries has been written off by  more than $ 20 billion, inclusive of “debt-for-development” programs,” said Russia’s deputy ambassador Dmitry Polyansky during his speech at the meeting of the Security Council on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Continue reading “Putin Pardons Poorest African Countries – Forgiving $20 Billion Debt”

Now We Come To Vaccines And Depopulation Experiments

“To a highly significant degree, the CDC and the World Health Organization are PR agencies, whose job is to convince the public that stepping up, rolling up their sleeves, and submitting to shots containing germs and toxic chemicals is the most natural and wise action possible.” -J Rappoport

“When the State offers and even insists on giving everybody something, you know you’re in trouble. Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Leaving the individual out of the equation. Treating the population like a single Blob.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Before we get to vaccines, I want to give you a quote about fluorides, just to set the stage.

Stan Freni is a researcher who, in 1994, wrote a paper about fluorides, the substances in many toothpastes, also pumped intentionally into the drinking water of many communities and cities.

Funny thing is, Stan Freni wrote his paper as an employee for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The title of the paper is “Exposure to High Fluoride Concentrations in Drinking Water is Associated With Decreased Birth Rates.”

It was published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (v.42, pp.109-121, 1994). Freni writes:

“A US database of drinking water systems was used to identify index counties with water systems reporting fluoride levels of at least 3ppm (parts per million)…the annual total fertility rate (TFR) for women in the age range 10-49 yr. was calculated for the period 1970-1988…Most regions showed an association of decreasing TFR with increasing fluoride levels.”

Increasing fluoride levels, lower fertility rates. Depopulation here in the US, right in your water.

So don’t imagine depopulation is an esoteric subject. Continue reading “Now We Come To Vaccines And Depopulation Experiments”

Ulson Gunnar ~ Ebola And The Absent Western “Humanitarians”

“What was already more than obvious is once again confirmed. The “humanitarian” motivations behind the West’s use of multi-billion dollar force beyond its borders is but a tenuous excuse for naked military aggression, expansionism, and neo-imperialism.” U Gunnar

EbolaScareGhanaThe US spent over two billion dollars during NATO’s armed assault on Libya both in ordnance used during months of aerial bombardment and in covert support for terrorists used as proxy ground forces in the overthrow of the Libyan government.

The United Kingdom is estimated to have spent even more. Hundreds of millions were spent by other NATO members throughout the duration of the assault. The “protection of civilians” was repeatedly cited as the altruistic justification for such an expenditure in manpower and financial resources.

In the wake of the conflict, it was revealed that NATO’s “humanitarian intervention” left entire cities filled with unarmed civilians encircled by Al Qaeda-linked militants and relentlessly bombarded by NATO sorties while food, water, gas, and power were intentionally cut off to “starve” the inhabitants into submission. It was also revealed that the threat to civilians cited by NATO members was fabricated by those NATO chose to replace the targeted Libyan government with.

Similar scenarios have played out in Syria, Ukraine, and even North and West Africa. At the cost of hundreds of millions, French troops have invaded and occupied several African nations over the course of the past 3 years, including five of their former colonies, namely Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad.

And while the French government claims their justification is fighting terrorism and improving security (hundreds of miles from their own shores) much of the terrorism is a direct result of NATO’s intervention in Libya and the intentional arming of immense terrorist networks in the process that have proliferated money, arms and all the strife that follows, across the region.

Enter Ebola

Continue reading “Ulson Gunnar ~ Ebola And The Absent Western “Humanitarians””