Final Battle For The World Begins: But Will Trumpian Forces Unite?

“Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.” –  John Adams (1735-1826) American Patriot and Founding Father who served as the second President of the United States (1797–1801) and the first Vice President (1789–97)

revolutionSpecial Report from Sister Ciara – Information Warfare is a concept involving the use and management of information and communication technology in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent, and whose first use the America’s began in 1774 when the British Crown Post Office dismissed from his duties Benjamin Franklin—who then went on to become one of the world’s greatest political theorists, an American Founding Father, and one of the most powerful Freemasons to have ever to have lived.

Barely 10 years after the first truly global war in human history [which World War I most certainly was not] called the Seven Years’ War  (that involved every European great power of the time (except the Ottoman Empire), spanned five continents, affected Europe, the Americas (French and Indian War), West Africa, India, and the Philippines) ended in 1763, the war weary citizens of the British American colonies began rebelling against their ever increasing taxes and continuing loss of freedom—thus leading, in 1773, to these people causing a relatively minor political protest (over high taxes) called the Boston Tea Party that involved a secret society named The Sons of Liberty, who while disguising themselves as Native Americans, destroyed an entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company.

With the Crown Post Office being that times main “communication technology”, and in order to suppress the spreading of these Sons of Liberty protests, and in order to further block the efforts of the Colonies to act in concert with one another, the British government, in 1774, began delaying or destroying newspapers and opening and reading private mail (hacking) belonging to these American colonists, and that the British authorites said was legal for them to do—after all, the were dealing with “terrorists”.

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It Is Our Right, It Is Our Duty

willBix Weir – Looking at the bright side of things can be a very difficult thing at times. In the United States of America, it has never been harder than right now.

We are being stripped of our liberty, our freedom and our assets. Our governing bodies are all bought and paid for and our land, water and food is purposefully being polluted and destroyed. We are even forcing our will upon other nations and other people who want just as much to be free in their own countries. There has never been a worse time to be living as a citizen of the United States of America.

Having said that – there has never been a better time in the history of our country where the will and desire to overthrow our leaders has been stronger! We still think we are a FREE People and with that understanding embedded in our hearts and minds, when the time comes, we WILL stand up and overthrow our current controllers. Continue reading “It Is Our Right, It Is Our Duty”

Sartre ~ The Death Of Independence

“Practice sedition when despotism becomes the operative governmental conduct.” Sartre


Breaking All The Rules Editorial ~ July 4th has been the national birth date since the inception of the country. Americans want to celebrate past glories because there are few reasons to believe that the current government or society is worthy of rejoicing. Deifying the Founding Fathers and their wisdom usually is rooted upon the construction of a constitution based on separations of powers and shared authorities with individual states. Lost in this commemoration is the concept of true and lasting independence.

After a heated ratification process, Rhode Island on May 29, 1790, became the last of the 13th original colonies to approve constitutional central authority dominance. The years between 1787 and 1790 witnessed a betrayal of the American Revolution with that confirmation. In government schools, students taught that the Articles of Confederation was a failure, began their indoctrination into the cult of jingoist Federal Government Nationalism. Like most history, the version that becomes fact is the one written by the victor.

The undeniable reality of writing a constitution that provided exclusive powers over state governments creates a supreme national government, while destroying any effective restrictions upon the inevitable accumulation of absolute power. Bill of Right protections and the concept of “Federalism” are mere hollow promises when special esquire privileged “bar association” lawyers purport to possess the predominant right to determine and judge what the common law means.

The inevitability of a decent into despotism, built into the structure of Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution, commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause, has proven true. It establishes that the federal constitution and federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions.

Insatiable appetites and lust for power marks the ascendency of legislative, bureaucratic and judicial careers throughout the three branches of central government. Incrementalism and deception has evolved into open defiance and unfettered arrogance. The political class pretends that partisan parties actually offer loyal opposition, when both are camouflaged versions of the same vermin. As likely that cockroaches will inherit the earth, it is more certain that parasitic politicians steal the hopes and dreams of citizens, while destroying any chance for the common-man to have a future worth living. Continue reading “Sartre ~ The Death Of Independence”

Scientists Create False Memories

Jon Rappoport  August 6, 2013

MIT scientists have found a way to plant a false memory in rats. They can provoke a fear reaction by manipulating the content of neurons in the rat’s brains.

The rats remember something frightening that never happened.

Well, not exactly, if remembering implies a conscious act.

Pavlov did what the MIT scientists did. He used dogs. He got them to drool when he rang a bell signaling it was feeding time, even though there was no food. The dogs “remembered” times when the bell accompanied food.

Conditioned reflex.

But there is something conditioned reflex doesn’t cover. The act of remembering. The knowledge that you are remembering.

Why is this important? Because we’re talking about being conscious, being aware, which, the last time I looked, has something to do with being alive as a human.

Life as conditioned reflex is about machines.

What Pavlov did, what the MIT scientists did, is, on another level, all about a propaganda operation aimed at convincing the masses that life is nothing more than conditioned reflex. One program inserted into the mind is just as good as another program. It just depends what the desired behavioral outcome is.

So we’re talking about tyranny over the mind. Fascism.

“We can get you to remember anything.”

No. They can force conditioned reflexes.

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The Covert Op To Destroy The Word “Freedom”

Jon Rappoport June 5 2013

These days, “freedom” mainly refers to fairy-tale mass movements.

We’re supposed to believe it happens this way: A bunch of students sitting in a cafe suddenly go to their cell phones, pop over to Facebook, and say, “Hey, wanna be free?” And a Republic is born. Poof.

The evil dictator grabs a suitcase full of gold bars, wires half a billion dollars from the State treasury to his private account, makes a dash for the airport, and flees to Paris.

In the other popular version, rugged freedom fighters emerge from the forest with copies of John Locke tucked in their luggage, storm the capitol, engage the national police, and after a prolonged battle, pin a copy of the Bill of Rights on the dictator’s riddled corpse.

Or something like that.

But even in the preposterous fairy tales, nothing much is said about freedom of the individual. No, it’s all about the right to vote for a new candidate. Free elections. Democracy.

In other words, the people can now select a president who is sold out to the same people who backed the dictator. Maybe a slightly different group of bankers gets into the act.

The independent individual? Never heard of him. No such thing.

What’s important is the president of a country like America, thousands of miles away, can stand up on his hind legs and say, “We support freedom around the world.”

When you stop and think about it, this bait and switch works because of the impact the word freedom has on the minds of the population.

Say it and they stand up and salute. It doesn’t matter how far the word is being twisted. As long as the people like it and respond to it, you could be referring to a mass slaughter.

And if, by chance, the people don’t like a mass movement that trumpets freedom, because they recognize a deception, the media will call it freedom 24/7 anyway, because they’re paid to.

Political leaders who preach and teach about the need for “mass freedom movements” are never part of those groups. That tells you how deep the public trance can go. Relatively few people say, “Look, the president isn’t with the group. He’s separate. So how can he tell us what to think, what to do?”

It’s like a 400-pound man making diet recommendations.

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