Sometimes a Coincidence isn’t a Coincidence

coincidencesGeorge Green – Coincidences are interesting things.  They’re considered remarkable because their combined occurrence seems improbable.  But sometimes, improbable occurrences really happen.  Lightning really has struck the same location twice — on rare occasions.

But when coincidences start to stack up, their probability of jointly occurring becomes exceedingly low.  One begins to wonder if they are not coincidences at all.  Could they really be linked outcomes from the same underlying root cause?

In the past year and a half, we have witnessed a remarkable string of apparent coincidences. Continue reading “Sometimes a Coincidence isn’t a Coincidence”

Anthony Fauci, Prophet of Scientism

Trevor Thomas – We were warned decades ago. In 1958, in “Willing Slaves of the Welfare State,” C.S. Lewis wrote,

[T]he new oligarchy must more and more base its claim to plan us on its claim to knowledge. If we are to be mothered, mother must know best. This means they must increasingly rely on the advice of scientists, till in the end the politicians proper become merely the scientists’ puppets.

Technocracy is the form to which a planned society must tend. Now I dread specialists in power because they are specialists speaking outside their special subjects. Let scientists tell us about sciences.

But government involves questions about the good for man, and justice, and what things are worth having at what price; and on these a scientific training gives a man’s opinion no added value… I dread government in the name of science. That is how tyrannies come in.

FauciIn the past 18 months, has there been a more dreaded “specialist in power” than Dr. Anthony Fauci? Seemingly reveling in his ability to inflict technocratic tyranny, Fauci has spent much of the past 18 months speaking outside his special subject. And during the Wuhan virus “casedemic” (it was more this than a pandemic) even when he stuck to his “special subject” (immunology and infectious diseases), Fauci has frequently been proven wrong. Continue reading “Anthony Fauci, Prophet of Scientism”

Follow the Science or Follow the Herd (Immunity)

herd immunityBrian C. Joondeph, MD – Throughout the past 16 months of COVID, we have been told to follow the science.

How has that worked out? We have heeded each word of the guru of science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Pied Piper of the Chinese coronavirus, who has graced magazine covers and spent more time being interviewed on cable news shows and emailing social media titans than researching the pandemic he has been managing. It turns out he has been leading the world down a pathway of deceit, deception, and ruin. Continue reading “Follow the Science or Follow the Herd (Immunity)”

Fauci Trembling As Treasure Trove Of Emails Leak

fauciOfelia Thornton – Looks like Fauci should have taken lessons from Hillary Clinton (or, for that matter, Liz Cheney’s husband) when it comes to the art of erasing e-mails.

As an utter treasure trove of information regarding Fauci and COVID was just released, courtesy of a mass of e-mails sent to or from Fauci himself.

Needless to say, these e-mails pretty much verify the vast majority of what Trump has long been saying about Fauci, who apparently spent more time fearing the Chinese’s reactions than protecting Americans.

After all, consider one gem leaked from these e-mails: Continue reading “Fauci Trembling As Treasure Trove Of Emails Leak”

HIV Spike Protein Injections May Kill 50 Million Americans [Video]

fauciAlexandra Bruce – Dr Judy Mikovits joins Mike Adams and she’s dismayed, that despite all of her best efforts to warn people for the past year and the best efforts of people like Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and many others who predicted this mass murder, and yet it happened, anyway.

“100 million Americans have been injected with a synthetic virus with…the most dangerous spike protein, consisting of HIV, XMRV and SARS.”

Fauci Is Behind Every Pandemic Since 1984

She reminds us that the lab origins of the current pandemic are hardly novel; that every “pandemic” has had lab origins since 1984, when Anthony Fauci started working at the NIAID, starting with AIDS. Continue reading “HIV Spike Protein Injections May Kill 50 Million Americans [Video]”