Lies, Deceptions and the Archon Way

ArchonsJames Gilliland – There has always been the slogan – Truth, Justice and the American way. Like a frog in a pot, slowly things have degenerated into the opposite.

Have you watched the lame stream news? Have you watched what is surfacing concerning the conduct of the agencies? The Justice Department has become the “Just Us” department. The Department of Defense was the department of offense doing the bidding as the brute squad of the Global Elite. Politicians represent foreign investors (America for sale) many of whom have dual citizenship.

The Environmental Protection agency ignores the pollution in the air, water, and on land. Ask them about glyphosate (Round Up).

Its effect? Main cause of autism.

Chemtrails  and fluoride in the water.

The FDA has allowed deadly and harmful drugs to go on the market. Inoculations with deadly side effects, (mercury, nagalese etc.) to be in inoculations destroying brain cells, nerve cells and your immune system. Continue reading “Lies, Deceptions and the Archon Way”

Rudolf Steiner Describes the Archons and Parasitic Entities That Feed Off Your Fear and Anxiety

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), founder of Steiner School system of education

Dylan Charles – Anxiety, depression, and fear ravage so many today, but few pause to consider that in addition to the material influences in our lives, we may be also under the influence of beings which exist in dimensions outside of our ordinary perception.

But there is much more to reality than what we can see. feel, hear, taste and touch. In fact, an accounting of the matter that makes up the universe reveals that some 73% of it is made up of dark energy, and another 23% is made up of dark matter, neither of which can we see, nor understand.

Furthermore, the human eye is only capable of seeing around .0035% of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. When we look into the heavens, 96% of it is invisible to us. Include in this the spiritual realms and there is an entire universe of possibilities which exists beyond our five senses.

Very few scientists today are willing to explore metaphysics to examine life beyond ordinary perception in order to make a connection between the seen and the unseen. Continue reading “Rudolf Steiner Describes the Archons and Parasitic Entities That Feed Off Your Fear and Anxiety”

Ancient History and Understanding

universal lawJames Gilliland – Well looks like the double speak is here. The masks are all coming down. No rock is being left unturned and all iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops. The days of tyranny and deception are coming to a close. We are in the Apocalypse defined as the great uncovering. We are going to realize almost everything we have been told is a lie, half-truths designed to steer humanity off course, hinder human evolution. Peoples true intentions are being made known despite the blatant futile attempts to maintain the status quo. If you want to know the truth just take the lame stream medias broadcast and reverse it. Know the agenda of the Cabal, the New World Order and you will see the reasons why there is so much pain, suffering, death and lack on the planet.

The Archon or Draconian grid has been in place ever since the fallen Annunaki aligned with reptilian forces for total supremacy.

To truly understand what has been happening on the Earth you need to know the players. The Archon or Draconian grid has been in place ever since the fallen Annunaki aligned with reptilian forces for total supremacy. This began with Marduk. He is on the face of the dinar. Many religions are based on the bearded gods which is going to be a shock to most religious folks. The Egyptian Gods, Greek Gods, Hindu Gods, Jewish God, many other ancient deities all go back to the Annunaki. Continue reading “Ancient History and Understanding”

Oracle Report Monday, August 28, 2017

“Blessings Of Sophia” – photographer Lucky

Crescent Moon in Scorpio (moves to Sagittarius 3:48 pm/7:48 pm UT): Persevere

Sun: 06 Virgo – “a merry-go-round”

True Alignments:  action, change yourself- change the world, learning, seeing patterns

Catalysts for Change: lack of progress, negative mind loops (counter or reverse the thoughts), continuing a destructive pattern

Earth:  06 Pisces – ” a parade of army officers in full dress”

True Alignments: humility, dutiful, honorable, recognition for service, discipline

Catalysts for Change:  fooling with a show or display/showing off, propaganda, feeling superior to others

Laura Walker – Today we come together, as “a parliament of wise owls in full dress,” to follow the path above the chaos.

On this last day of the Crescent Moon phase (the days of the solar-lunar cycle that challenge us the most to not give up on things), we align with a higher perspective of what is happening as the energetics of the New Moon/Total Solar eclipse continue to unfold (fan out). Continue reading “Oracle Report Monday, August 28, 2017”

Oracle Report Sunday, August 13, 2017

Disseminating Moon Phase in Taurus:  share, communicate

Sun: 21 Leo – “a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission”

Higher Expression:  messages, clear direction, returning “home,” open communication, completion of something

Lower Expression:  fear of sharing what you know or have to offer, miscommunication, lack of purpose, systems failure

Earth: 21 Aquarius – “a rug placed on a floor for children to play on”

Higher Expression:  safe/safety, paying attention to the wisdom and experience of others, careful, free to develop, creative expression, opening space in the field for new things and new answers

Lower Expression:  disconnected, whining, coddled, tantrums, arrested development, too serious

Kauai, Hawaii – photographer Donna

Laura Walker – The first full day of Mercury’s retrograde enters today, during the Disseminating Moon phase, no less.  Mercury and Disseminating phase are all about communications, messages, and paths.  Also, the Sabian symbol for the Sun today relates directly to messages – “a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.”

So a message is in store for each of us today.

This means we need to pay close attention.  Pay attention to animal sightings (Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak is suggested for interpretation), background conversations and other things in the background (like music), and repeats or “coincidences” (synchronicities). Continue reading “Oracle Report Sunday, August 13, 2017”