Interweaving Science and Spirit

crystalsKim Semetis – As we journey through ascension, you will begin to notice how the changes in our skin occur as we become crystalline and transform into our galactic heritage. This happens gradually over time and it may seem quite magical and alarming all at the same time.

Our physical vessel is filled with crystals and this has been confirmed by science. As I was researching for this article, I came across information about ear crystals and when it becomes dislodged, they can cause vertigo/dizziness. This brought me back to the time (mid ‘80’s) that I began to experience severe vertigo and actually had to go to the doctor and had some testing done(not fun at all). I would experience severe dizziness, the room would be spinning, I felt as if I was losing all control and sometimes would vomit as it was so violent. Of course, the medical testing found that there was nothing “wrong” with me. Continue reading “Interweaving Science and Spirit”

The Ascension Process – Key Disciplines

createKaren Curry Parker – We are standing on the brink of a very important time on this planet. We are on the threshold of heralding the start of a new era, a New Earth. Prophets from many different cultures and times have spoken of this place metaphorically and literally for thousands of years.

The details of what is to come have been spoken about with words that are vague, scary sounding and often ominous. But the words of the prophets also offer hope and speak to visions of lasting peace on earth, a time of returning to the garden, Heaven on Earth.

We have a choice to accept a time of suffering and destruction or to take the reins of creation into our hands and become the stewards of a new era for humanity. Either way, we play a powerful role in co-creating with God the world we participate in.

The real question is which destiny will we choose? Continue reading “The Ascension Process – Key Disciplines”

Ascension 101 – The Basics [Video]

ascension Jennifer Hoffman – One of our misconceptions about ascension is that it is a vertical path into peace, joy, love, and abundance. That’s what makes the process around ascension so confusing because often our journey into ascension is anything but peaceful, joyful, loving, and abundant. If your experience is like mine, it has involved some of my most frustrating, painful, challenging times and I often wondered whether I was doing something wrong.

I wasn’t, it’s the wrong and misleading information we receive about the process that makes it so confusing and frustrating. The upward rise to higher levels of energy frequency and vibration is only part of the journey, the expansion that is part of the alignment, integration, and mastery is the other part that no one talks about. Continue reading “Ascension 101 – The Basics [Video]”

333 Christed Stargate

thothMeg Benedicte – It is no coincidence that the first few months of 2019 are blessed with three zero point Supermoons, occurring at zero degrees. The cosmos is ushering in a massive reality shift on planet earth, a zero point reset. Additionally, on March 3rd, 2019 is a rare 333 Activation of Christed Consciousness. 333 symbolizes the Trinity of Life, the tetrahedron plutonic solid template of quartz crystal.

In numerology, 33 represents the ‘Master Teacher’ and Eternal Truth, exemplified in the ancient Egyptian god Thoth. 33 is the most influential of all numbers – combining Master numbers 11 and the 22.  Thoth is best known as a god of writing and wisdom, a cosmic deity, and vizier of the gods, a creator god and warrior. In esoteric mythology Lord Metatron was Thoth the Scribe, the recording angel of truth. Continue reading “333 Christed Stargate”

Ascension To 5D New Earth Or Whole New Creation

AscensionMichelle Walling CHLC  -This is a bit of a more serious of a talk, shedding light on the false 5d ascension timeline of the matrix.

♦  Is this your last lifetime here?
♦  How do we recognize the false light agenda?
♦  How do we really exit the matrix?
♦  Is Earth splitting into two Earths?

What if ascension was Incension? Continue reading “Ascension To 5D New Earth Or Whole New Creation”