The Big Picture Perspective

big pictureVeronica – While in physical reality it is important to consider the big picture perspective. Intense focus of one’s individual experience can often be confusing for the most advanced of souls.

In the beginning of a life this powerful focus is necessary. Acclimating to the current dramas can help to distort the big picture. As one grows into their physical form there is often a moment of complete loss of the Big Picture Moment.

Now that the physical linear participation is creating moments of personal anxiety it is more important than ever to consider the big picture. Continue reading “The Big Picture Perspective”

The World Is Not an Illusion

illusionSteve Taylor, Ph.D. – One of the biggest myths about spirituality is that it reveals the world to be an illusion. According to the myth, when we “wake up” or become enlightened, we realise that the physical realm of things is just a dream. The world and all the events that take place in it are seen as a mirage. Only the spirit is real, which exists above and beyond the physical world.

One of the problems with this view is that it leads to a detached and indifferent attitude to worldly events. What does it matter if millions of people are suffering from poverty and starvation? What does warfare or ecological catastrophe matter? Why should we bother trying to fight for social causes or against global problems? It’s all just part of the dream, so none of it is of any consequence. Continue reading “The World Is Not an Illusion”

Own your own mind

mindThe Angels – You are discerning about who you allow into your homes. You lock your cars when you go into a store. You select foods that nourish or comfort you and discard that which is spoiled. In most physical areas of your life, you are careful to discern who and what you allow in. You”mind your matter” very well in most cases.

But do mind your mind? Does it matter to you what you allow to infiltrate your thoughts? If your thoughts were people and your mind was a house, what kind of atmosphere would you like in your mental house? What type of thoughts would you allow in when they come knocking on the door of your attention? In this mental house, you get to choose the thoughts that keep you company. Continue reading “Own your own mind”

Handling the Big Stuff

big stuffChery Richardson – In the morning when I come downstairs I let our cats, Wednesday and Berty, out of their room as I get ready to feed them. Rather than risk chronic back and shoulder problems (something I struggled with after letting Poupon sleep in our bed), we’re doing things differently this time. Knowing good sleep is far too important to our health, we took the advice of Dr. Jeff Nichol, a veterinarian and animal behavior specialist, and set the cats up in a room of their own. They spend the night together, we get good sleep, and during the day they have the run of the house. Continue reading “Handling the Big Stuff”

Theme for September is “Time for a New Story”

new moonLena Stevens – We are certainly tired of the old one and feeling restless, irritated and ready to start something new. The future, however, is still intangible and unclear.

We find ourselves often floating around in the shadow, making several much-needed trips back into the underworld to deal with karma, clear our past and release the attachments to old ways.

September is not an easy month as we navigate the balance between what is pulling us back into recapitulation versus what is being offered as an opportunity to rewrite our story. It will do you no good to “wait it out”. The demands of this time require an interactive relationship between yourself and your story. In order to change it, you will need to step up your relationship with spirit, your guides and allies, and your authentic self. Continue reading “Theme for September is “Time for a New Story””