A Profound State of Being

BeingMaureen Moss – I write this from a new state of my being…from a place of relief, deep gratitude, peace, and first hand experience of witnessing the pattern of perfection and unfolding destinies being woven together in unimaginable ways following back-to-back retrograde upheavals, 3 Stargates, an Equinox and continuous waves and streams of highly organized Intelligent Diamond Light codes we are now deciphering and decoding, recalibrating, aligning with and beginning to experience an entirely new map of existence by.

2018 into 2019 doubled down on intense Cosmic instigators rapidly ushering us into a major New Life Cycle and the reincarnation of our Self-Realized Holy Christed Selves.

Though at times overwhelming, I’ve been reminded often of the fact that the inflow and then integration of new and higher frequencies, though intense as they occur, are being overseen by several of the Galactic world (Arcuturians, Sirians, Angelics, Elohim and more,) understanding that what is occurring in us and through us is a ‘sustainable phenomena,’ though must be taken in incremental stages. Continue reading “A Profound State of Being”

Are You Dimming Your Light?

beingHilde Larsen – Are you dimming your light? I am not talking about the presentation of you, and who you want others to see you as, I am talking your inner radiance. Is it on full shine, or are you holding back? My guess is if you are anything like most of us, the dim is on.

The thing is, we tend to be afraid to shine — more so than to fail. Way more. Like me, brought up to believe showing my talents, my passions and my drive was a bit over the top, held down by those who were conditioned to stay smaller.

So, you see, being afraid to shine and show the world the very best side of YOU might be what you were brought up to do; to hold back your talents, your passions, the good, the bad AND the ugly, never realizing you can be proud of every aspect, and that only through shining your true color will you be happy and able to serve your very best.

But here’s the thing Happy people contribute to positive actions.

From my work as a Coach, I have found these common reasons why we hold back and hide our true expressions. Continue reading “Are You Dimming Your Light?”

2017: A revolving door of WTF?!

beingDana Mrkich – Who else feels that 2017 so far has been a revolving door of WTF!? What’s up is down, left is right, with life having more twists and turns than a midnight soap opera. And that’s just describing an hour yesterday. And that kind of hour is happening on a recurring basis for so many people over the past few months.

Big life stuff happens, sure. But it’s unusual for multiple big things to be happening all at once to everyone you know. Massive relationship changes. Huge house moves. Health crises. Family turbulence. Family healing. Personal makeovers. It’s like watching a movie on fast forward, only you’re in the movie, and trying to keep up with the changing scenes.

There’s a lot of ‘opposite’ energy about….Quiet people being vocal. Loud people being quiet. Indoor people suddenly social, social people keeping a low profile. People you don’t usually see or speak to are suddenly in your life due to one situation or another. People you do usually see and speak to are nowhere to be found. #2017 is like a runaway train saying catch me if you can! Continue reading “2017: A revolving door of WTF?!”

Put Some Me-ing in Your Be-ing

joyJennifer Hoffman – Whenever I hear the word selfish, I can hear my mother’s voice saying ‘Don’t be selfish’ when I didn’t want to share something. As the oldest child and the oldest of my cousins, I was always expected to share my things with everyone, whether I wanted to or not. Selfishness was defined as not being willing to let everyone have whatever belonged to me anytime they wanted it, a belief I highly disagreed with. But there is a big difference between being selfish, taking everything so no one else can have any, and being self-ish, as in making your needs a priority, and this needs to be our focus now. Our joy is fully available when we ask ‘What makes me happy’ and ‘What works best for me’ and this happens when we are willing to be self-ish and putting ‘me-ing into our be-ing’.

It is not possible for us to be comfortable within the collective if we are not self-ish because without selfishness, or having an awareness of our self and out needs, we can’t have any boundaries. And boundaries are how we manage the energy flows into and out of our realities. They ensure our energetic stability and set the foundation for the joy and other energies we want in our life. Without boundaries we risk scattering our energy and giving our power away. The key is to find the balance that maintains our individual joy-based energies as we share with and participate in the collective energy.

Continue reading “Put Some Me-ing in Your Be-ing”

The Secret of Success: Relax, Do Nothing… and Just BE

Great ideas and discoveries don’t come from thinking or doing, but from being. 


Steve Taylor, Ph.D – In general, there are three different modes in which we can live our lives: doing, thinking and being. Most of the day we’re busy doing – working in our jobs, doing chores, following our hobbies and enjoying ourselves in our free time. Thinking usually takes place between activities, when there’s nothing to occupy our attention, or during activities which are more repetitive and undemanding, when we don’t need to concentrate too much.

And being? In general, we don’t spend much time being. Being occurs when we’re relatively inactive and relaxing. It’s when our minds aren’t chattering away with thoughts, and when we aren’t concentrating our attention on tasks or activities. In this mode, we usually pay a lot of our attention to our surroundings, and to our own experience. We’re in this mode when we go for a leisurely walk, do sports such as swimming or running, meditate, do yoga or listen to music.

Of these three modes, our culture prizes the first two far above the third. Doing and thinking are seen as the engines of achievement. Thinking logically enables us to solve problems and come up with ideas. If we have a problem, we sit down and think it through. And doing – working and being busy – enables us to achieve our goals, to be productive, to make money and become successful.

But being is unproductive. It is equated with laziness, and wasted time. Why waste our precious hours doing nothing when we could be filling them with activity and achievement?

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