How Deep Is the Rot in America’s Institutions?

public trustCharles Hugh Smith – When you discover rot in an apparently sound structure, the first question is: how far has the rot penetrated? If the rot has reached the foundation and turned it to mush, the structure is one wind-storm from collapse.

How deep has the rot of corruption, fraud, abuse of power, betrayal of the public trust, blatant criminality and insiders protecting the guilty penetrated America’s key public and private institutions? It’s difficult to tell, as the law-enforcement and security agencies are themselves hopelessly compromised.

If you doubt this, then please explain how 1) the NSA, CIA and FBI didn’t know what Jeffrey Epstein was up to, and with whom; 2) Epstein was free to pursue his sexual exploitation of minors for years prior to his wrist-slap conviction and for years afterward; 3) Epstein, the highest profile and most at-risk prisoner in the nation, was left alone and the security cameras recording his cell and surroundings were “broken.” Continue reading “How Deep Is the Rot in America’s Institutions?”

Sifting Through the Debris

lifeZen Gardner – I’m asking “where to now” in many contexts as this all transpires. Not just my own life that has been seriously derailed from its previous direction and that of my children now being put through this renewed societal abuse syndrome, but of the so-called truth community in general. That such vicious and unconscious reactive outbursts could be triggered by anyone telling their personal awakening story, no matter how sordid their past may appear and all the innuendo and assumptions that transpire, is remarkable to behold.

Yet the irony continues. People are examining the rubble of my past and insisting I’m still a part of that. Better yet, I’m a rocket ship that attained escape velocity out of the abusive matrix and jettisoned my earlier stages of my propelling device that crashed back down to earth. And people are fixated on that and totally forget about the rocket that used that as fuel, and all from a comfortable armchair of viewership.

It could have been anyone, but it happened to be me. And I’m very thankful for it. It has propelled me exactly where I wanted to go, out of the futile information loop and previous life into the unknown, a subject I’ve written about for some time.

I don’t mean to sound glib about this, considering how worked up some people are, and this isn’t a defense strategy. It’s an analysis of this phenomenon that’s taking place over not just my admissions of my previous life, but the underlying lack of grounded understanding on the part of so many. As I’ve said in my recent replies article, it indicates a massive lack of self work on the part of so many and it’s truly disturbing. Yet at the same time it is very understandable considering the nature of the sensational information.

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Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a Real Candidate [Video]

Truthstream Media – Most of us knew this already, but now here’s proof. Is Bernie going down fighting for his political beliefs like a real presidential candidate would? Is he even being remotely honest with his supporters at this point? Nope. He’s keeping his mouth shut and staying on script for Hillary — who everyone knows will be the worst kind of tyrannical dictator — saying, “I’m proud to stand with her”.

For those of us who didn’t know this, Bernie was like a magical fairy unicorn. People want so badly to believe it’s real… but it just isn’t… and it never was. Feel the burn…

Truthstream Can Be Found Here –

SF Source TRUTHstreammedia  Aug 2016

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The Spectacle of Sanders in Philadelphia As Hillary Puppet

derivativesStephen Lendman – Sanders didn’t just fall from grace. He crashed, burned and resoundingly proved politicians can never be trusted.

Nothing they say is credible. For months, supporters believed he was the anti-Clinton, campaigning against what she represents – an agenda of endless wars of aggression, world peace at risk, neoliberal harshness, police state terror, the worst of all possible worlds.

She’s the most recklessly dangerous choice for president in US history, the most wicked, the most legally, ethically and morally challenged.

In mid-July, Sanders sold out, betrayed his loyal supporters, proved himself just another self-serving dirty politician by endorsing Clinton, embarrassing himself in the process.

On day one of the Democrat War Party convention, he again made a spectacle of himself before a nationwide audience – assuming the role of Clinton puppet, relegating himself to irrelevance.

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Did you really think Bernie Sanders was playing it straight?

Jon Rappoport – Bernie Sanders’ followers are moaning and weeping and gnashing their teeth. O the betrayal. O the horror.

bernieHe…what? He endorsed Hillary for President?

Yes, indeed.

They supported and voted for Bernie because he was righteous and independent and above party politics. He was for the people. And they hated Hillary.

But now, Bernie has gone over to Her.

Make no mistake. Bernie’s loyal army wasn’t just vehemently battling against Trump. They were repulsed at the prospect of Hillary winning the Presidency.

And now their hero, their idol, the “last honest man in American politics,” has crossed over to The Dark Side.

Well, remember, he gave up his long-time status as an Independent when he entered the race for the Presidency. He joined the Democratic Party. He knew the score. He enrolled on the team. He knew, if he lost, he would have to endorse the Democratic candidate. Play ball, or you don’t get to play at all.

He can’t just wink and nod at his supporters, letting them know he’s faking his Hillary endorsement. No. He’s in the clutches of the octopus. He’s feathering the vulture’s nest. He’s delivering pints of blood to the vampire.

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