Bill Gates Is Pumping Lots Of Cash Into China

WuhanSean Adl-Tabatabai – Billionaire lockdown fanatic Bill Gates has been secretly pumping tens of million of dollars into China since the start of the Covid pandemic. What the hell is going on?

According to a disturbing report by the National Pulse, Since the onset of Chinese Coronavirus pandemic, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funneled over $54 million to fund “global health” projects in China, including to institutions controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborators: Continue reading “Bill Gates Is Pumping Lots Of Cash Into China”

Bill Gates Gave $319 Million To Top Mainstream Media Outlets

GatesAlan Macleod – Up until his recent messy divorce, Bill Gates enjoyed something of a free pass in corporate media. Generally presented as a kindly nerd who wants to save the world, the Microsoft co-founder was even unironically christened “Saint Bill” by The Guardian.

While other billionaires’ media empires are relatively well known, the extent to which Gates’s cash underwrites the modern media landscape is not. After sorting through over 30,000 individual grants, MintPress can reveal that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has made over $300 million worth of donations to fund media projects. Continue reading “Bill Gates Gave $319 Million To Top Mainstream Media Outlets”

UK PM Boris Johnson Invites Bill Gates, JPMorgan’s Dimon & Others To Dinner

Bill GatesUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to host a dinner with some of the worlds top business leaders, including Bill Gates and JPMorgan Chase & Co Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon

According to a report by the Telegraph, around 20 executives are expected to attend the dinner at 10 Downing Street on Oct. 18, as Johnson seeks to establish a “Global Britain” on the world economic stage.

They will be joined by Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, with catering provided by three-star Michelin chef Clare Smyth. Continue reading “UK PM Boris Johnson Invites Bill Gates, JPMorgan’s Dimon & Others To Dinner”

Stew Peters Eviscerates Deep State Demons Fauci & Soros [Video]

They’re All Evil! The Devil In Human Form!

James Red Pills America – Who else can rip the eyeballs out of the #dDeepState demons & their complicit cohorts (the rinos) better than Stew Peters of Politically Correct Radio?! In this highly compelling video, Stew literally eviscerates these demonic weasels, exposing the truth that our ‘freedom’ is fast becoming a carefully fabricated illusion: it’s demise being masterfully orchestrated by the likes of Fauci, Soros, Gates!

You’ll be grinning ear to ear as you watch and hear Stew laying bare the sordid details and lies which are intricately woven into a blinding and all-encompassing web of deceit by the Deep State & their complicit puppets. Continue reading “Stew Peters Eviscerates Deep State Demons Fauci & Soros [Video]”

Bill Gates’ Plan To Dim The Sun Is Called Off…For Now

Bill GatesNiamh Harris – Bill Gates effort to dim the sun has ‘divided the scientific community’ and will not be taking place…..for now at least.

Funded by Bill Gates, the geoengineering program which aimed to slow global warming by dimming the sunlight reaching Earth, was called off by the Swedish Space Agency.

Following pressure from indigenous people and environmental groups the space agency scrapped the landmark first testing of the program which was scheduled to start later this year.

Summit News reports: The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) released a statement saying that the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), which also had secured Harvard funding, will not go ahead as planned in June. Continue reading “Bill Gates’ Plan To Dim The Sun Is Called Off…For Now”