Pelosi Tells DHS Secretary Nielsen She’s Not Interested In Facts on Border Security

borderRusty – Newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clashed with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, telling her “I reject your facts” on security issues at the southern border.

Nielsen was conducting a presentation regarding the nation’s security and the threat of illegal immigration when the top Democrat made a declaration rejecting the facts.

The exchange highlights how the Administration is interested in dealing with the reality of the threat at the border, while the “resistance” party has no interest in truth.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nielsen was running off statistics regarding the border and the criminal threat attempting to enter the United States – including those associated with terrorism. Continue reading “Pelosi Tells DHS Secretary Nielsen She’s Not Interested In Facts on Border Security”

Keep Up Border Wall Shutdown – Judge Jeanine “This is Your Moment in History” [Video]

Jim Hoft – President Trump spoke with reporters on Christmas morning in the White House.

The president said he will continue the shutdown until America has wall funding. President Trump also accused Democrats of wanting open borders.

The 45th President also said he will take a trip to the border in early January to inspect the progress being made.

This weekend Judge Jeanine Pirro urged President Trump to keep up the border wall shutdown – “This is your moment in history.”

Here is Judge Jeanine’s full statement from her show this past weekend.

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Fmr ICE Director Offers Solutions to Dangerous Migrant “Catch and Release” Program

borderSara Carter – As the midterm approaches, along with the caravan of migrants from Central America and Mexico, the White House may authorize up to 15,000 troops to assist federal law enforcement agencies along the nearly 2,000-mile southern border with Mexico. This, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials, would send a message to future migrant groups and curb the flow of illicit drugs and contraband by narco-traffickers into the country.

The issue of “catch and release” whereby mainly family units are apprehended when they come into the country and later released pending immigration court proceedings, is a major loophole being exploited by illegal migrants trying to find ways to enter the United States, said former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan, who is now a Fox News Contributor.

“The president’s response has to be strong, it has to be immediate and we have to catch them at the border and hold them at the border until they get through the court system,” Homan told “The caravan smugglers, the drug cartels are watching to see what we do. If we catch and we release these caravans now, we can expect larger caravans in the near future. We cannot be held hostage by these groups.” Continue reading “Fmr ICE Director Offers Solutions to Dangerous Migrant “Catch and Release” Program”

How Will Mass ‘Migrant’ Crossing Not Be an Unprovoked Foreign Attack?

borderDavid Codrea – “Migrant ‘caravan’ at U.S.-Mexico border prepares for mass crossing,” Reuters reported Thursday. “Hundreds of Central American migrants from a caravan that crossed Mexico reunited in Tijuana on Wednesday and planned to cross the border together this weekend in defiance of threats by U.S. President Donald Trump to repel them.”

If allowed to happen, the criminal invasion – and ultimately that’s what it is – will be a direct result of a chain of circumstances aided and abetted by the Mexican government in violation of its own laws.  Mexican law requires foreign nationals be in their country legally and that their presence be beneficial. It is a criminal offense there to aid and abet illegal immigration.

Pueblo sin Fronteras, coordinator of the “caravan,” solicits donations via Paypal but is not listed as a nonprofit on Guidestar. It does not show up on the California Secretary of State business search (Paypal locates them in La Crescenta). Its website domain registrar is hidden behind a proxy. To find out more, we can turn to supportive ”mainstream”  puff pieces, or alternatively, to sites alleging indirect Soros ties. Continue reading “How Will Mass ‘Migrant’ Crossing Not Be an Unprovoked Foreign Attack?”