Victims Speak Out: Catastrophic Paradise Fire Was Naked Arson Attack [Video]

This is mass murder.  Listen to the first part in the video series by YouTube Channel: APlaneTruth.Info.

Hear for yourself what is really going on.

♦  Are we getting torched?
♦ Is this highly organized arson to carry out a sinister agenda?
♦ Does it have anything to do with Agenda 21? Depopulation? Continue reading “Victims Speak Out: Catastrophic Paradise Fire Was Naked Arson Attack [Video]”

“Ballot Harvesting” Added Over 250,000 Votes in Orange County – Flipping Four Seats Blue

ballot harvestingCristina Laila – The Communists Democrats in California quietly passed legislature in 2016 allowing ballot harvesting.

Very few people took notice when far left Governor Jerry Brown signed the

As a result, California lost 7 of its 14 Republican House seats this election cycle.

Ballot harvesting is illegal in most states. In Texas, New York and Pennsylvania they arrest people for ballot harvesting. Continue reading ““Ballot Harvesting” Added Over 250,000 Votes in Orange County – Flipping Four Seats Blue”

Climate Engineering To Blame For Wildfires [Video]

climate engineeringAlexandra Bruce – The apocalyptic fires of Northern California have killed 81, destroyed 13,000 homes and caused the evacuation of 50,000 people and counting.

Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch joins Greg Hunter to weigh in on this holocaust and on the other sequela of high altitude aerosol spraying, including Alzheimer’s, which he says is from the bioaccumulation of aluminum by the populace.

“Most people know aluminum is harmful, so they’re worried about aluminum in deodorants, in cooking utensils and so forth. Inhaled aluminum is exponentially more harmful and we are absolutely, all of us inhaling these particulates. Our lab tests prove it.”

Wigington says that the population is becoming too cognitively impaired to even confront the issue, with average IQs having recently dropped by 6 to 9 points. Continue reading “Climate Engineering To Blame For Wildfires [Video]”

The Strangeness Of The California Fires [Video]

CaliforniaJoseph P Farrell – Today I want to talk about those fires in California…
Every now and then, I do come across a video that intrigues me(this time from Mr. D.S.M.), and so I went looking for more, and found a couple that I want to share, and comment on. But first I want to remind people of the background.

Last year we saw similar fires in California, and with them, abundant indication of something highly anomalous about them, including what for me was the tell tale giveaway: plants that were unburned, but which were “rolled” or pushed into bizarre shapes, as if a giant had come along and stomped or twisted them into these bizarre shapes.

As I wrote in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, such effects are common when very high power microwaves are directed at plants. I speculated in that book, based on some British scientists’ studies of crop circles, that they were formed by microwaves and most likely by microwave interferometry, and were in fact a kind of “test pattern” to see how closely and tightly such waves  and interferometry patterns could be controlled and manipulated.

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House Sliced In Half By Dew Lasers In Carr Fire? [Video]

CaliforniaAlexandra Bruce – Scenes of vaporized homes surrounded by relatively unscathed trees are the hallmark of the devastating NorCal fires we saw last Fall and again, in the Carr Fire over the past week.

We’re seeing the same eerie images of this anomaly, where upscale suburban homes are cremated, innumerable cars are “toasted” (requiring temperatures exceeding 2500ºF), yet nearby trees just inches away are left intact.

This video shows a still photograph of one such home that was literally sliced in half, as if by some giant precision saw. Continue reading “House Sliced In Half By Dew Lasers In Carr Fire? [Video]”