What If Cancel Culture Fascists Have a Clinical Condition? [Video]

autismAlexandra Bruce – When I look at a group of Antifa members, I often feel that I’m looking at a group of people with High-functioning autism or Aspberger syndrome.

Then I think about the work of Dr Andrew Wakefield, Robert Kennedy Jr and others who’ve discussed the coincidence in the rise of autism cases with the rise in the number of vaccines administered to children, starting roughly 30 years ago.

Wakefield directed the 2016 film, ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe’, about CDC whistleblower, Dr William Thompson, a senior scientist involved in designing vaccine safety studies, who came forward in 2014, stating that safety research in 2004 was fraudulently manipulated by the CDC. Continue reading “What If Cancel Culture Fascists Have a Clinical Condition? [Video]”

Woke Wars: Say the Magic Word!

racismChristopher Chantrill – Do you think that last week was Peak Woke? What with Delta’s genius CEO Ed Bastian falling into line to criticize Georgia’s new election laws, What with MLB pulling the all-star game from Democratic Atlanta, What with Amazon joining in the fun.

And then there is the ticklish question of The Dam Busters movie. I probably saw the movie, way back. But did you know that the pilots of 617 Squadron had a black labrador, and its name was… unmentionable?

Tell me: is the Woke Capital thing due to Big Business getting bullied around by lefty activist groups threatening to make trouble? Is it CEOs getting a quiet word from Our Nance and Chuck E. Schumer? Is it the wokey ladies in HR? Or is it just Big Business trying to stay out of trouble?

The world would really like to know. Continue reading “Woke Wars: Say the Magic Word!”

Can Liberalism Survive Science?

John Conlin – So, you believe in science, eh? Excellent, so do I. At the core of this science-thinking is the acceptance of the fact that there is reality. Thus, there are a finite number of things which are true and an infinite number of things which aren’t — and our beliefs, opinions, and desires have no impact on this.

All “science-folks” accept these as rather self-evident truths — yet many of these same people also profess to holding liberal views — even though modern progressivism is premised on many things which simple aren’t true — which contradict reality.

This isn’t a political or philosophical issue but rather a reality issue. Continue reading “Can Liberalism Survive Science?”

My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed

democratsJohn Green – Now that the implications of the Harris/Biden administration are setting in, my Democrat friends (yes, I do have a few) are becoming very embarrassed.  They bought into the propaganda that all the turmoil in Washington was created by the erratic and immoral behavior of Donald Trump.  Their vote for Harris/Biden was a vote to return to normal.  They didn’t realize that the Democrats weren’t offering a return to normal, they were offering the establishment of a “new normal.”

The “new normal” includes restricted energy exploration and cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.  This has caused a loss of well-paying union jobs, damaged relations with Canada, and triggered skyrocketing gasoline prices.  It also threatens to return us to dependence on the most unstable region in the world.  To those who would like us to leave the Middle East to resolve its own problems — we can’t now. Continue reading “My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed”

They Don’t Control Me’—Vernon Jones on Cancel Culture & Leaving the Democratic Part [Video]

ChineseJan Jekielek – At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), we sit down with former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, a lifelong Democrat who recently became a Republican and Trump supporter. We discuss his firsthand experiences with cancel culture, why he switched parties, and what he hopes to achieve with his new organization Waking Up America.

SF Source American Thought Leaders Mar 2021