Candace Owens Slams Democrats In Powerful White House Speech [Video]

Candace Owens, popular conservative and co-founder of the #BLEXIT movement, delivered a must-see speech at the White House during the ‘Young Black Leadership Summit’ last week.

Owens slammed Democrats for neglecting black Americans and voiced her support for President Trump. Continue reading “Candace Owens Slams Democrats In Powerful White House Speech [Video]”

Candace Owens Shares Why She Doesn’t Support Modern Day Feminism

feminismArjun Walia – Feminism is a movement that works towards creating equality between sexes and women’s rights. Though I fully support equality and all to have freedom and rights, I believe that aspects of this movement have created separation amongst us, stemming from over-identifying with gender.

If we look at gender issues, particularly women’s issues, we’ve seen massive amounts of inequality throughout history. For example, look at all of our founding ‘fathers’ of science, quantum physics, engineering, psychology, etc. Gender inequality exists within every field of academia. Many ‘groundbreaking’ discoveries have been attributed to men, and solely to men. Many have been stolen from women, simply because they were women, and many discoveries made by women have gone completely unacknowledged by academia. The wage gap is another example of inequality, but more on that later. Continue reading “Candace Owens Shares Why She Doesn’t Support Modern Day Feminism”

Young Black Conservatives [Video]

black conservativesAlexandra Bruce – At a time when Trump supporters are falsely accused of hate crimes, publicly shamed by false associations with the Ku Klux Klan, with the likes of actress Alyssa Milano declaring of the Covington High School boys, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” imagine the pressures of being a young Black Conservative in America today?

The truth is that Trump supporters, regardless of color are far more threatened with violence than they are apt to be perpetrators of violence, in our coup d’état environment powered by a shrill media intent on saturating peoples’ minds with hatred, division and lies. Continue reading “Young Black Conservatives [Video]”