Approx. 800 Independent Media Accounts and Pages Banned from Facebook

facebookRT News – Some 800 anti-establishment accounts and pages have been yanked from Facebook in a sweeping crackdown the social media giant framed as a fight against spammers. RT talked to those who were targeted in the cleansing.

Among the hundreds of pages and accounts Facebook and Twitter took down were those both on the political left and right, ranging from [so called] conspiracy theorists and police brutality watchers, to news outlets with non-mainstream angles, While their content could be at times described as controversial, the bulk of the banished pages boasted large followings and outreach.

RT spoke to some of the voices silenced by the Facebook move. Here is what they had to say.

Jason Bassler, The Free Thought Project, 3.1mn followers. Continue reading “Approx. 800 Independent Media Accounts and Pages Banned from Facebook”

Authoritarian Liberalism: ‘Going High,’ Going Wrong

liberalsAndrew Jones – “Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there are other points of view,” the American conservative, William F. Buckley, quipped in Up from Liberalism (1959).  Here he seems to have struck at the heart of a central difficulty afflicting liberals: their tolerant and virtuous self-image tends them to an intolerance of anyone who disagrees.  This is becoming increasingly evident globally, as many liberals cling harder to the power they fear may be slipping from their grasp.

A significant number of Americans were riled during the former administration by the uneasy sense that they were being talked down to by their president and his circle.  “When they go low, we go high,” said by the former first lady, unwittingly expressed this moral and intellectual presumption.

It was an instance of a general stance that has propelled the liberal elite away from the populace, turning them from being representatives of the people to a law unto themselves.  Not specific to the U.S., this pattern can be seen across the West.  Continue reading “Authoritarian Liberalism: ‘Going High,’ Going Wrong”

Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020

media mattersSean Adl-Tabatabai – Billionaire globalist George Soros is planning to eliminate the majority of Trump supporters from social media before the 2020 election, according to a leaked document.

The 49 page document outlines plans by Soros to exert his influence, via his immense personal wealth, to pressure Big Tech to censor and purge pro-Trump journalists, citizens and outlets ahead of the next Presidential election.

“A confidential, 49-page memo for defeating Trump by working with the major social-media platforms to eliminate “right wing propaganda and fake news” was presented in January 2017  by Media Matters founder David Brock at a retreat in Florida with about 100 donors, the Washington Free Beacon reported at the time. Continue reading “Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020”

InfoWars Official App Jumps to Number 4 — Dominates CNN, NYT, ABC

Attempts to censor InfoWars backfire as Streisand effect kicks in

Downloads of the Infowars Official App have completely eclipsed the rest of the dying media’s own apps in the face of Big Tech censoring Alex Jones and his platform on Monday.


The Infowars Official App is currently ranked at #4  in Apple’s App Store, soaring above CNN (#6), Google News (#5), Buzzfeed (#10), Fox News (#7), The New York Times (#11), ABC (#19), and BBC (#26).

Well-informed and liberty-loving people alike immediately recognized the app is a direct line to Infowars and Alex Jones, circumventing the globalist tech gatekeepers who arbitrarily put conservatives under their boot of censorship. Continue reading “InfoWars Official App Jumps to Number 4 — Dominates CNN, NYT, ABC”

Are Google and YouTube Blocking Searches for Red Pill Videos?

red pillKarin McQuillan – A year or so ago, there were a spate of articles about the red pill videos on YouTube – millennials turning off to the bullying by feminists and race hustlers, thinking for themselves, becoming conservative, and posting a video of their personal journey from blue to red online. I googled ‘red pill’ and had a cheerful time following links. I learned about Candace Owens at that time, and a lot of other black and white millennials who had posted articulate, heartfelt, intimate, sometimes funny YouTubes explaining why they’d become conservative.

For months afterward, when I was sick of all the bad news about millennials becoming little fascists, I would turn to the red pill videos and cheer myself up.  And then I found I could no longer find them.  When I went to YouTube and searched for red pill, all I got was the documentary by that name (worth seeing) available for $3.99.

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