President Trump Asserts Executive Privilege Over Census Documents

censorshipCristina Laila – President Trump thumped Rep. Elijah Cummings on Wednesday and asserted executive privilege over subpoenaed documents related to the 2020 census question.

Cummings threatened to hold Attorney General Bill Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt Wednesday morning for defying congressional subpoenas to testify and turn over docs.

After hitting back at Cummings Tuesday night and threatening to assert executive privilege, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd sent the House Oversight Committee another letter Wednesday morning saying the Trump Administration has “engaged in good-faith efforts” to satisfy the committee’s oversight requests, reported the Associated Press. Continue reading “President Trump Asserts Executive Privilege Over Census Documents”

Daily Mail Loses Nearly 50% Of Daily Search Traffic After Latest Google Algorithm Change

googleChris Menahan – Google is now screwing over even normie-tier right-wing news sites in their quest to purge all content from the internet which counters leftist narratives in advance of the 2020 election.

From Fast Company:

A few days ago, Google warned publishers that change was on the horizon. The search giant was tweaking its algorithm, and it wanted to let publishers know that they may notice a shift. The company said the change (dubbed the June 2019 core update) wasn’t huge–but any algorithm change will likely affect the websites that rely on accruing search results.
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Censorship Under Fire

financialsJohn Michael ChambersPolitical correctness was but one step set into motion back in the Bill Clinton days, as a form of censorship. As Charlton Heston once said, political correctness is nothing more than tyranny with manners. Well today, with the advances in technology, the internet and AI, we are experiencing a full fledged onslaught attack on our sacred first amendment right.

Yes of course the ramping up of this censorship has increased with the emergence of Donald Trump and even more so now that the 2020 election campaigning is upon us. Trump knew this all along which is why the MSM has been rightly and globally labeled as, FAKE NEWS. It’s funny how the news became the news. Alex Jones of INFOWARS, (like him or not-matters not), was perhaps the first major successful attack against a prominent alternative source for information.

Censorship Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

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New Zealand Citizens Receiving Home Visits from ‘Political Police’

policeSean Adl-Tabatabai – New Zealanders are receiving creepy home visits from police to check on their political views, according to reports.

One person claims police asked him if he supports U.S. President Donald Trump.

The visits are taking place in response to the Christchurch mosque massacre.

In a disturbing clip posted to YouTube, armed police are seen arriving at a man’s home on Sunday morning to interrogate him in relation to his political beliefs.

“The reason we’re here, basically it’s down to the recent events in Christchurch, with the shooting there, a number of people have been identified who we’ve been asked to go and speak to, so you’re one of those people,” the officer can be heard saying. Continue reading “New Zealand Citizens Receiving Home Visits from ‘Political Police’”

Algorithmic Censorship Is the New Propaganda [Video]

censorshipAlexandra Bruce – Google is not just the most popular search engine on Earth, used by 70% of the world population, it has also been the most-visited website on the planet for over 15 years. Lately, Google has been focusing on the development of voice computing, which entails giving less search results or ideally providing just one answer to a any given query, according to former CEO Eric Schmidt.

“One answer” implies herding people away from certain verboten lines of inquiry and keeping users penned within Google’s all-encompassing censorship infrastructure known as the Goolag. Continue reading “Algorithmic Censorship Is the New Propaganda [Video]”