The End Of The World (As We Know It)… [Video series]

The Fall of the Cabal

10-part documentary series by award winning researcher Janet Ossebaard.

In English. Music by Scott Buckley and Serge Narcissoff.

Part 1: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…

cabal♦ Beginning the search for the Truth
♦ Left & Right in politics
♦ Wikileaks
♦ the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and the
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Past Point of No Return [Video]

RubinoGreg Hunter – Financial writer and book author John Rubino sees the world careening toward a debt reset at an increasing pace. Rubino explains, “The coming monetary reset and what that means for gold and what that means for the rest of the global financial system, you don’t need a war to bring that about because we are making enough financial mistakes that will get us there in no time flat now without geopolitical turmoil.

If you add a big war in the Middle East into the equation, then anything can happen. A scenario right now that is very, very feasible is we start shooting in the Middle East and Russia and China is on the other side of this in one way or another. They help Iran, and we have our allies helping us, and we start using these next generation weapons that are breathtakingly powerful.

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Federal Reserve Needs to be Audited and Then Ended as Soon as Possible

Federal ReserveRon Paul – The US Constitution never granted the federal government authority to create a central bank.

The Founders, having lived through hyperinflation themselves, understood that government should never have a printing press at its disposal. But from the very beginning of America’s founding, the desire for a crony central bank was strong.

In fact, two attempts were made at creating a permanent central bank in America prior to the creation of the Fed. Fortunately, the charter for The First Bank was allowed to expire in 1811, and President Andrew Jackson closed down the Second Bank in 1833.

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Who Controls All of Our Money? [Video]

central bankAlexandra Bruce – Central banking is really about a small group of people establishing the rules of human interaction and controlling it with the ultimate chokepoint that is money.

The central banking system is behind so much of what we think of as modern history; the birth of nations, the wars for resources, the petrodollar, on down to the UN and the antics of the proponents of the Green New Deal and this completely crazy moment that we’re now living through in world politics. Continue reading “Who Controls All of Our Money? [Video]”

Who Bails Out Central Banks in Coming Chaos [Video]

RickardsGreg Hunter – Best-selling financial author James Rickards says “We are still in the aftermath of the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis.” In the up-coming book titled “Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos,” the crisis of the Great Recession may be over, but “nothing is fixed.”

Rickards explains, “I understand the economy has been expanding for 10 years, and we are not in a liquidity crisis at the moment and unemployment is low. We have come a long way from that. The fundamental problems that gave rise to that have not been solved. . . . So, unlimited guarantees, unlimited money printing and unlimited currency swaps and, yeah, they truncated the crisis, but all that happened was the bad debts, the leverage and the problems were now lifted up to the central bank level.

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