Secrets of CERN! Mandela Effect, Portals & More [Video]

Jay Myers – Are we living in the Twilight Zone? Many have the strange feeling the world around us has changed. Are the experiments taking place at CERN actually shifting us into another dimension?

Why does CERN house a giant statue of the Hindu god of cosmic destruction? Why is there so much strangeness surrounding this scientific institute?

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Concerned About CERN: This Time It’s An AI…

Artificial intelligenceJoseph P Farrell – I’ve been writing off and on on this site, and in one of my books (The Third Way), about my concerns about CERN and its Large Hadron Collider. My “scenario” of wild high octane speculation with respect to the organization and its multi-billion dollar toy has been two-fold:

(1) that the collider is as much about higher dimensional physics as it is about particle physics, and that as such, it might introduce effects in the planet itself, or possibly even the Sun, through hitherto unknown resonance effects, and

(2) that if it was intentionally, though covertly, exploring such effects, that it would have to have, by dint of the case, a massive computing power to do “data correlations” of collider activity with seemingly non-related events: solar activity. terrestrial magnetosphere behavior, even aspects of aggregate human behavior like markets and so on.

That computing power is known and admitted by CERN. In fact, much of that computing power consists of programs – algorithms – to scan the billions of particle collisions occurring in the collider, and selecting those interesting enough for scientists to examine. Continue reading “Concerned About CERN: This Time It’s An AI…”

CERN Preparing To Transport Anti-Matter

cernJoseph P Farrell – As regular readers of this website know, and as anyone who has read my book The Third Way knows, I’m one of those people who has some “conCERNs” about CERN.

There are a lot of us out there, and the theories being advanced regarding possible covert uses and programs for its large hadron collider are, well, “many and varied”, to speak euphemistically about them. They range the whole spectrum from peculiar blends of quantum mechanics and “bible prophecy” (I kid you not!), to revivals of Saturnalian occult rituals, portals opening for demons, and so on. Hence, anyone like me indulging high octane speculations about “covert possibilities” with CERN immediately gets tarred with the “weirdness brush”, even though I’ve not advanced anything like these other rococo embellishments.

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Why CERN’S Big Bang Research Is A Big Fraud

American Intelligence – We pointed out in our previous article on CERN: The Biggest Science Scam in History, the big bang theory, upon which CERN’s science is based, is nothing more than that

– a theory, and an inadequate one to boot.  There are now dozens of better theories that have empirical evidence behind them that the big bang lacks.

big bang

There is simply no evidence to support the big bang theory.  Yet, if you talk to a university professor in particle physics about this, you will likely get pretentious physics jargon that threatens to verbally slap you into submission for desecrating the Holy Grail of the big bang.

In the article mentioned above, we used basic high school physics to dispute the big bang and are at a loss why our simple questions cannot be answered in plain English by a CERN physicist. Continue reading “Why CERN’S Big Bang Research Is A Big Fraud”