What You Should NOT Know About CERN And Their Experiments [Video]

Zohar StarGate TV –  Many have speculated as to what is really going on at CERN and what type of profound experiments go on there. Some believe that they are attempting to open and sustain a doorway between realities. Others believe their work is far more mundane.

Do we truly know what we are working with when it comes to Quantum studies to Quarks and Beyond to the Higgs Bosen experiments? Video presented by Tom Tauber, PHD Continue reading “What You Should NOT Know About CERN And Their Experiments [Video]”

Shiva the God of Destruction, CERN, and the WHO, Opening the Portals of Hell

Leo Zagami – In 2016, the world was shocked when a video surfaced online with images of what appeared to be a  human sacrifice staged on the grounds of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the famous home of the God Particle featured in Dan Brown’s bestseller Angels and Demons.

The video that circulated online showed mysterious hooded figures engaging in an apparent ritual, staged in the middle of the night, under a huge statue of a Hindu deity. In the finale, a woman is stabbed or so it appears. The deity is a Shiva statue that India donated to CERN in the 1960s.

Shiva is known in the Hindu religion as “The Destroyer”within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu. However, for the Illuminati, the term destruction as it relates to Shiva’s cosmic duties can be deceiving because often Lord Shiva destroys also negative presences such as evil, ignorance, and death. Continue reading “Shiva the God of Destruction, CERN, and the WHO, Opening the Portals of Hell”

999 Dark Portal Daily Protection

CERNMorag – The whole world and his cosmic canine have come to watch the greatest show on earth, of light and dark playing out in Gaia’s ascension field. Starseed, light workers, light missionaries, healers, shaman, time travelers, cosmonauts walking the material plane, we are being hit with a force field of intense dark frequencies.

Heavy vibrations carrying emotive wavelengths engineered to corrode integrity, dissolve self esteem, corrupt core strength, cut cords between chakras, fill our energy fields with negativity and generally fu*k us right up. We stand our ground, drenched in the light of crystalline lightwaves. We are activating as light beings inside a dark matrix. Dark portals are psychic attack on a grand, global, mass scale. Yep. I’m not kidding.

The 999 CERN activated corridor of darkness (the cabal really are this stupid) is doing three things to us. You ready folks, its hardcore. *triggers ahead* Continue reading “999 Dark Portal Daily Protection”

Secrets of CERN! Mandela Effect, Portals & More [Video]

Jay Myers – Are we living in the Twilight Zone? Many have the strange feeling the world around us has changed. Are the experiments taking place at CERN actually shifting us into another dimension?

Why does CERN house a giant statue of the Hindu god of cosmic destruction? Why is there so much strangeness surrounding this scientific institute?

Continue reading “Secrets of CERN! Mandela Effect, Portals & More [Video]”

Concerned About CERN: This Time It’s An AI…

Artificial intelligenceJoseph P Farrell – I’ve been writing off and on on this site, and in one of my books (The Third Way), about my concerns about CERN and its Large Hadron Collider. My “scenario” of wild high octane speculation with respect to the organization and its multi-billion dollar toy has been two-fold:

(1) that the collider is as much about higher dimensional physics as it is about particle physics, and that as such, it might introduce effects in the planet itself, or possibly even the Sun, through hitherto unknown resonance effects, and

(2) that if it was intentionally, though covertly, exploring such effects, that it would have to have, by dint of the case, a massive computing power to do “data correlations” of collider activity with seemingly non-related events: solar activity. terrestrial magnetosphere behavior, even aspects of aggregate human behavior like markets and so on.

That computing power is known and admitted by CERN. In fact, much of that computing power consists of programs – algorithms – to scan the billions of particle collisions occurring in the collider, and selecting those interesting enough for scientists to examine. Continue reading “Concerned About CERN: This Time It’s An AI…”