The Soul’s Purpose And The Seven Rays

SurrenderOpen – What is purpose and where does it come from?

Sense of purpose is crucial to a satisfied and harmonious life. We all seem to have a yearning for something, even if in some people that sense of destiny is partially suppressed, denied or distorted.

Purpose in life is what makes us tick. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, it defines sense of worthwhile service and it brings the divine nature of the etheric into reality. Yet when unbalanced it can also make us desperately unhappy. So what is the purpose of the soul, where does it come from and how can we attune it so that we may experience a fulfilling and successful life?… Continue reading “The Soul’s Purpose And The Seven Rays”

Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion

chakrasJim Self – The third-dimensional chakras operate as barometers of balance or imbalance. If you know what they do, you will have an opportunity to refocus your attention and begin to realign yourself. All seven major chakras support us, but for most of us, the lower three chakras guide the life we experience.

First chakra: Survival

The first chakra’s job is to keep you safe so that you may fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. If you are threatened and it’s not the exit point of your life, the first chakra overrides everything to keep you safe. It will activate the flight or fight mechanism and cause you to jump back onto the curb before the bus hits you. The first chakra is located at the lowest tip of your spine. Continue reading “Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion”

Unlock Your DNA To Access Higher Knowledge

dna Barbara Marciniak – DNA carries the coding, for this genetic material and its helixes are made up of light-encoded filaments — tiny gossamer threads that carry information the way fiber optics systems do.

The pillar of light that you use to activate yourself and to bring information into your body is also composed of light-encoded filaments. These light-encoded filaments carry a vast amount of data and information, and your body is filled with them.

When bundled together and placed in a certain alignment, the lightencoded filaments work together and release information that makes sense of the history they carry. Continue reading “Unlock Your DNA To Access Higher Knowledge”

Understanding How Colors Affect The Human Aura

auric fieldLara Starr – What colors you surround yourself with speaks volumes about the person you are, even though you may not realize it. Haven’t you noticed that we are all attracted to certain colors, while we shy away from others? Well, some people believe there are very good, yet unconscious reasons for that.

One of those people is the famed psychic and ‘sleeping Prophet’, Edgar Cayce. Even though he lived more than a century ago, Edgar Cayce knew things about the past, present and future that no man could have known without special abilities.

Each one of his abilities is worthy of a full article in itself, so I won’t delve into them today. Chances are, you probably already know if Edgar Cayce anyway, so I’m just going to discuss what he claimed he learned about Colors while he was accessing the Akashic records. Continue reading “Understanding How Colors Affect The Human Aura”

How To Generate Energy From Within

energyMeashenu – I saw someone online ask a question similar to “How can I generate energy within, without connecting to the sun and earth or anything else like that?”

So, how can you generate energy from within yourself, without channeling it or pulling it from other sources? I’ll share some methods below.


Prana/Chi and life force energy can all mean the same thing. It’s about pulling in the energy that is all around us and there at all times. You do this automatically by breathing.

Continue reading “How To Generate Energy From Within”