The Dance of Karma and Possibility

Astrology Forecast March 31st – April 7th, 2019

aprilLorna Bevan – April 2019: Reality bites with the first hit of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – this will be a steep learning curve in edge walking between two great lines of force and moving way beyond your current comfort zone. During this April/May – as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction moves to only 2 degrees of separation – this powerful cycle of Contraction – with a capital C – starts to be felt and experienced at all levels – individually and collectively, emotionally, psychologically, materially and physically. This month Saturn is at 20 degrees Capricorn with Pluto conjunct the South Node of Fate at 23 degrees.

This is a time of pure karma and pure possibility as the old, the atrophied and the akashic dross is eliminated, when the Universal Law of Gravity makes itself felt. But first you need the Will and desire to make radical permanent changes instead of tinkering at the edges. An old life is going dark. These are new magnetics and new encodements. Before anything else, your physicality needs grounding as it the vector for your enlightenment – literally “taking in more light”. Continue reading “The Dance of Karma and Possibility”

If You Can Believe it, You Can Achieve it!

imaginationDr. Michelle Kmiec – One of my favorite quotes is, Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” (Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich)

This was proven to be true for me when I began my recovery from an autoimmune condition.

I remember years ago, though walking was extremely difficult, all I wanted to do was jog around a little lake in Minnesota. Yep, I didn’t want to just to walk, I wanted to jog! I wasn’t going to let my physical limitations get in my way of what I wanted – to regain my health and that included jogging around that lake. Even though the actual movement of jogging was not yet possible, there was something that was possible – visualization. Continue reading “If You Can Believe it, You Can Achieve it!”

Forgiveness calms the storms

loveJohn Smallman – The Oneness that is God, that is All That Is, includes every sentient being ever created or that ever will be created: There is NO separation!  Ever.  But, living in form, as humans, the reality of this escapes you.

You have forgotten the Truth, and because of the severely limiting beliefs that being human imposes upon you, you need divine Guidance to find your way Home.  And that Guidance – the Holy Spirit – is always with you waiting patiently for you to take the time to listen.

Living as humans in form your egos are extremely vociferous, making it very difficult for you (you are not your egos, although your egos don’t want you to know that) to hear the still small voice for God.  Sometimes you do hear but refuse to believe it, thinking that you know better.

Continue reading “Forgiveness calms the storms”

Change is a gift

changeThe Angels – Take a breath while we embrace you with our love. Release your tensions, fears, upsets, anxieties and stress. Breathe in with us. Now release. The energy is circulating swiftly upon your planet. In many cases, it is bringing up old fears, old issues, and things you though you already dealt with at much deeper levels.

One of the greatest fears upon your planet is the fear of loss. “What if I lose my boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse? What if I lose my child? What if I lose my job? What if I lose my home? What if I lose my health? What if…?” These fears, based on the earthly world of illusion control you in many ways. Truth offers freedom.

There is absolutely nothing in this world of form that lasts forever. For many of you this brings up fear, yet the impermanence of form is one of God’s greatest gifts to you. Continue reading “Change is a gift”

Yes, Change Is In The Air

changeVeronica – This is a time of great change.  The energy that swirls negatively about all of you struggles to maintain its strength.  It may appear otherwise for a while.  Cleaning up any sort of mess is often a daunting task!

It would be easy to sit back while watching it unfold, but the real need is to determine that the negativity no longer has the ability to prosper and grow.

The difficulty of eradicating darker energy is that those in the dark have become accustomed to the lack of light.  Some are determined to stay there as the real light feels uncomfortable to them.  We would liken it to being in a room with no opportunity for light.  The eyes do adjust to the lack.  When true brightness emerges, often the eyes cannot adjust quickly enough.  A tremor of pain exists as the brightness forces the eyes to reacquaint their ability to process the light. Continue reading “Yes, Change Is In The Air”