Triple Eclipse Gateway

2 June – Mercury into retrograde shadow
2 June – Venus square Mars
2 June – Venus opposite Great Attractor
3 June – Sun conjunct Venus
3 June – Mars square Great Attractor
4 June – Sun opposite Great Attractor
5 June – Lunar Eclipse 15° Sagittarius
6 June – Sun square Mars

eclipseLorna Bevan – With huge spikes in the Schumann Resonance – Earth’s heartbeat – plus the largest solar flare since 2017, the triple June/July eclipse gateway is now wide open and already the seismic ripples are palpable. June 5th delivers a penumbral lunar eclipse on a sensitive point in the June 4 – July 22 Mercury Max cycle with a strong geophysical shock window between June 1 – 8.

Watch for seismic activity, including solar flares, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The increased magnetics can fritz your nervous and etheric systems, so to avoid feeling tired but wired, drink extra water and stay grounded by getting outside into nature. In the 3D world, people will react on a hair trigger – as in the protests and riots in the USA where the eclipses are shining a spotlight on racial injustice. Continue reading “Triple Eclipse Gateway”

Do You Want Change? Or, Do You Want to Change?

timeKashi – When you look outward into the world and you see the crowds and how they are, you see the news and what we do, you watch your own family and see the state they are in. Are you impressed or embarrassed? Do you think we are doing a good job overall or do you feel despair? Do you think things are just “the way they are”? Do you even care?

Do you think you could help change things or do you just accept them and repress whatever problems they are causing you personally? Maybe you feel so helpless that you tend to put your head back in the sand and try and simply ignore what’s going on. Continue reading “Do You Want Change? Or, Do You Want to Change?”

Navigating the Void Between Old and New

new realitySelacia – Quite often the place between the old and new can be very challenging – feeling in a void between what was and what will be. Interestingly, however, that void is where we have the MOST potential to create something radically new and wonderful. Continue reading to better understand the void and how to make the best use of it this month.

May is a month of even more changes in our lives. These changes are quite personal – going beyond COVID and the overall dysfunctional state of our world. Whatever these changes are, this month we will be spiritually nudged to make them, even if COVID had never arrived.    Continue reading “Navigating the Void Between Old and New”

Re-Tooling For Re-Emergence

11 May – Saturn RX until Sep 29
11 May – Mercury into Gemini
12 May – Mercury trine Saturn
13 May – Venus Rx until June 25
13 May – Mars into Pisces
14 May – Jupiter RX until Sep 13
15 May – Sun trine Pluto

TaurusLorna Bevan – This week, the train tracks are suddenly switched, the scenery changes and off we go on a mystery tour back through some of 2020’s weird and wonderful territory, this time seeing what we missed the first time round This is a new plot line in the story of 2020 as – following in Pluto’s footsteps – one by one Saturn, Venus then Jupiter slow right down at maximum power and turn retrograde on May 11, 13 and 14th. These extended months of retrogrades between May to October – especially those of both Mars (in September) and Venus which happen only once every 2 years – coinciding with 3 eclipses in June and July, are an unmistakable message that that any return to the world before the pandemic as if it is business as normal is now impossible. Continue reading “Re-Tooling For Re-Emergence”

Let’s not go back to “normal”

thingsThe Angels – We hear you, “When is life going to get back to normal?” It is an understandable question. The past few months have been life-altering for many of you. So rather than going “back to normal” we would ask you to consider “going forward into a new reality.”

“Normal,” for many, was an emotionally isolated reality in which texting replaced talking and really conversation. “Normal” for many was stressed, hurried, and out of balance. “Normal” for many meant living in a sort of numb and complacent reality where the daily goals activities became more important than the heart’s dreams. Continue reading “Let’s not go back to “normal””