August – A Month Of Purging And Clearing

July 2020Lee Anne Peters – It’s August!

Wow, we are flying through 2020… entering into this New Year many of us sensed that this would be a year of moving deeper into 2020 vision. Although there are still more months to come, there has been a strong emphasis around what we are seeing, observing and witnessing – and how unusual, new and out of the norm everything seems to be. At times it can seem as if we are living in some sort of surreal dream.

In this message today I will pull some cards for each week during August. After the card sharing I’ll cover a few things happening at Temple of Balance. Thanks for reading and connecting. I trust this supports you at this time. Continue reading “August – A Month Of Purging And Clearing”

Wesak – New Energy Threshold

WesakSelacia – This year’s Wesak season represents the next in a series of new energy thresholds humanity must move through in the global awakening process. Continue reading to understand what this means for you personally and for humanity.


We’ve had numerous new energy thresholds in recent years – moments during energy events such as eclipses and solstices – when we reached a new crossroads in our evolution and could collectively choose to change how we live on Earth. Oftentimes, the energy after one of these events continued to ripple for months throughout individuals and humanity. This translated into significant consciousness shifts and evolutionary acceleration. Continue reading “Wesak – New Energy Threshold”

How To Get Out Of A Funk In 6 Easy Steps

Sarah Petruno -You’ve been having a bad morning, a bad day, a bad week – your car wouldn’t start on the way to work, then it started snowing and your forgot your ice scraper, you forgot your lunch, and your favorite food cart was not there, then, when you finally got home, you realized you forgot to turn the slow cooker on this morning.

This is miserable! And the temptation, to remain sulky the rest of the day, evening, or the next few days, feeling down on your luck, focusing on all the terrible, is very high. We all do it – we have a series of crappy events, then, we just want to sit down and feel sorry for ourselves.

While this is certainly an option, there is an alternative. We can’t change what happened, but we can change how it made us feel. And while yes, you’ve heard this a million times before, there IS a way that you really can do this. With practice, in as little as 10 minutes or less, you can quickly energetically heal yourself and shift your perception, turning your crappy day, into an opportunity to realize all that you are grateful for, and give yourself a second chance to change your mood and outlook. All it takes, is to realize you are in a funk, then decide you don’t want to be anymore. Then, follow the steps below – and boom – your sad day cloud is lifted, and you begin to feel better and motivated to give it another shot.

This process, is a quick, simplified version of a grounding and clearing meditation. Get out of a funk, ground, and clear your energy in 10 minutes or less. So, how about it?

How to Get Out of a Funk – In 6 Easy Steps

1. Ground Yourself

This is the first step in working with energy, and as we begin, you’re becoming a self energy healer. The process of grounding is essential to all spiritual and energetic healing practices. Simply, you place a grounding cord that is connected to the seat of yourself to the Divine Energy located deep within the earth. I call this Earth Energy. This anchors you to the Earth, and allows you access to receive Earth Energy – it also provides a firm foundation to connect you, with the Divine Mother Earth.

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Doreen Virtue’s Angel Messages For December 14 – 20, 2015

Releasing and clearing are the themes this week, as you’ll recognize and let go of old toxic patterns. Some of these patterns are old, and this week you’ll recognize them, and will finally let them go.

It’s about letting go of blocks to your happiness, health, and purpose.

As you go through the process of clearing away the old, be conscious to only use positive words — no complaining about lack. Only affirm abundance as you speak or write.

There’s also a message to be extra-careful to only listen to positive messages this week. Positive music lyrics, positive conversations, positive media only. Continue reading “Doreen Virtue’s Angel Messages For December 14 – 20, 2015”