Climate Change Claims Used to Promote Socialism [Video]

Michael ShellenbergerJan Jekielek – The Epoch Times interviews Heartland Institute President Tim Huelskamp at #CPAC 2019 about the importance of fossil fuels to America’s economy and independence, how climate change claims are being used to promote socialism, and why President Trump was right to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Continue reading “Climate Change Claims Used to Promote Socialism [Video]”

How to Fight Climate Change in Your Community: Some Simple Actions To Take

renewable energy optionsLooking for simple ways on how to fight climate change in your local community that actually make a difference? Check out this blog for inspiration.

Five of the hottest years on record took place in the last ten years.

Why does that matter to you?

The global temperature rise causes a heat-trapping blanket effect around our planet. Some of the things this causes include ice sheets shrinking, sea levels rising, and ocean acidifying.

But it also destroys habitats around the world where millions of species call home. Climate change is responsible for releasing harmful chemicals into the environment, deforestation, and freeing toxins.

There is still hope, however. Here are six simple actions you can take to help stop climate change.

1. Reduce Carbon Emissions

One of the best ways to reduce climate change is to decrease the amount of fossil fuel we burn every day. One contributor to fossil fuels is car emissions. Look for other alternatives to travel such as:

♦  Public transportation
♦  Carpooling
♦  Riding a bike

Being mindful of how you travel can help reduce your carbon footprint. Check out the Climate Leadership Council for other great tips for fighting climate change.

2. Recycle Old Electronics

The metals that make up your phone and other electronic devices come from mines. When these precious metals are mined it causes:

♦  Deforestation
♦  Harmful toxins to release
♦  Noise pollution

A great way to curb the effects of mining precious metals is to recycle old electronics. Check out power recycling days in your area or donate your unused electronics to other individuals.

3. Sustainably Shop

When fighting climate change you have to be a responsible consumer. The best way to sustainably shop is to support responsible companies.

When looking for sustainable clothing check out vintage and reusable choices. Some great places to sustainably shop for clothes include:

♦  Depop
♦  Poshmark
♦  Goodwill

If you want to sustainably shop for other goods such as:

♦  Food
♦  Milk
♦  Cosmetics
♦  Shampoo

Check out sustainable palm oil shopping. Non-sustainable palm oil plantations destroy rainforests by burning down trees for new fields and releases massive amounts of fossil fuels.

Use this handy Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping Guide to support sustainable companies ethically producing palm oil.

4. Ask About Local Renewable Energy Options

Check out local green power options that use renewable resources for energy to help lessen the demand for fossil fuels.

Some great renewable energy options include solar, wind, and water. These options allow you to offset some of your home energy costs to help generate more environmentally friendly sources.

5. Use LED Bulbs

LED lightbulbs use up to 90% less energy than traditional lightbulbs. LEDs also use less heat and are safer to use.

If everyone home in the United States used just a single LED in place of an incandescent bulb, it could prevent up to seven billion pounds of carbon pollution every single year.

6. Recycle

In 2013 The United States composted and recycled 87 million tons. This pales in comparison to the 254 million tons of trash produced each year.

Refresh yourself on how to properly recycle to help reduce nonessential emissions.

How to Fight Climate Change

There you have it — six simple actions to help fight climate change. You have the tools, now you can change the world.

Remember every little thing helps!

Want to see more posts on how to fight climate change? Check out our block to learn more!

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Community: Some Simple Actions To Take

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