Create More Peace and Quiet in Your Life

Mia Barnes – If you asked someone to sum up your life in a sentence, what adjectives would they use? Which ones would you choose? Is it chaotic? Hectic? Busy?

While it’s fine to go hard sometimes, doing so all the time can lead to burnout. Why not strive for a life of harmony and balance? Here are seven intentional tips for creating more peace and quiet in your life.

1. Add Water Features

Research indicates that people who live near the water have lower stress and anxiety levels and increased happiness. However, you can replicate the healing effects, even if you live on the dusty Oklahoma plains. Continue reading “Create More Peace and Quiet in Your Life”

Want A Peaceful Ambiance in your Home? Check Out These Things


A room or home space that is visually clean and peaceful will definitely provide you with a relieving sensation from a whole day at work.

How do you feel once you walk into your home, overwhelmed? Stressed? Calm or happy? The world is definitely a rich source of stress but your home is not supposed to add to that. The best part is that any home makes a good candidate for ambient and serene decor.

Creating a serene environment is quite simple as long as you have the ability to blend colors and nature-inspired items such as wood, plants and flowers. So if you wanna create a peaceful sanctuary that will help you recharge each day, be sure to follow the following simple solutions. Continue reading “Want A Peaceful Ambiance in your Home? Check Out These Things”

Yale Study Finds This Daily Habit Is Hurting Your Brain

“Finally, de-cluttering might be as simple as getting rid of anything that doesn’t really add value to your life. If it isn’t beautiful, functional, or have its own dedicated space in your home, it might be time to let it go.” – C Sarich

You don’t have to be a complete hoarder to be affected by the clutter in your life. Reducing your ‘stuff’ can make you more productive, less stressed, and boost creativity. The old saying ‘less is more’ has never been more true.

In fact, researchers at Yale University recently identified two areas in the brain associated with pain, the anterior cingulate cortex and insula, which light up in response to letting go of items you own and feel a connection to. This is a secret that retailers don’t want you to know, and why stores like Apple have their products out for you to touch and feel.

One study showed that consumers who picked up and held a simple coffee mug were willing to pay 60% more for the item if they held it for a longer period of time. We literally get ‘attached’ to things, and the more we’ve spent on them or touched them and held them, the harder it is to let go. It literally hurts the brain the same way you get a physical pain – like a paper cut of a rough elbow to the chest – to let go of something you are attached to.

The more you’ve committed emotionally or financially to an item, the more you want to keep it around, but this isn’t good for you – not your physical health, your mental vitality, or even your emotional well being. Continue reading “Yale Study Finds This Daily Habit Is Hurting Your Brain”