Near Death Experience Explains Miracle Extradimensional Healing

colorsDeans M. – I was in a rollover accident on a busy major highway, on my way home from a two day shopping trip.

Traveling with my dog, after the car had rolled and was upside down, I screamed and panicked for my dog’s safety. Not knowing that I had been injured, I heard my dog climb over broken glass and run out onto the highway.

As the paramedics worked on me, I kept pleading for someone to find my dog. I did not care what happened to me, I just knew if they let me up, I could call him back, and then I would go to the hospital if they wanted.

But all I could think of was – let me up to find my dog. Of course, they ignored my pleas, and at that time, I had no idea I was so near death. Loading me into the ambulance I then knew my chances of getting up to get my dog were now gone. Continue reading “Near Death Experience Explains Miracle Extradimensional Healing”

The Use Of Color In Mind Control Conditioning To Divide & Conquer

colorsMusicIs2Words MuMind Control, while ubiquitous & pervasive in modern society, is acting on a level unseen by many people who argue vehemently that it does not exist. It becomes a sort of “can’t see the forest for the trees” issue. Perhaps they are not consciously aware of its effects on their psyche, if they are truly conscious at all (a topic for another article).

As I have noted in previous articles, psyche is a Greek word meaning spirit, incidentally. Mind Control indeed affects the spirit, which is evident in the fact that so many people are on psych meds for one reason or another, & that there is no definitive objective test for most of the psychiatric ailments in the DSM (another topic for another article). This article specifically deals with the use of color in mind control applications.

Most people are familiar with the use of color in advertising. For example, fast food restaurants usually use the colors red, orange, & yellow on their street signs. Take McDonalds & Burger King for example. Do you know why they chose these colors?

Research into the subject of color used in fast food advertising would yield a variety of results. However, what I have discovered is that, predominantly, red is associated with a sense of urgency, yellow with hunger, & orange with impulse buying.

Red is known to be stimulating, while blue is usually calming. This can also be applied to warm & cool colors in general, but red & blue are the quintessential warm & cool colors, so I suspect that they would have the strongest effect in those areas, respectively.

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