Martin Armstrong Says The Reset Is Communism [Video]

this reset is communismAlexandra Bruce – Controversial economic forecaster, Martin Armstrong joins Greg Hunter on Armstrong’s computer model was one of the few that predicted Brexit – and two years ago, it also predicted that this year’s US presidential election would be the most corrupt in American history.

He says, “The computer doesn’t ask my opinion or anybody else’s, it just goes on the numbers; from the economic data and it’s never been wrong.” And some of the information he’s receiving suggests that as many as 38 million fraudulent votes were cast for Biden.

He says, “This is – it’s just beyond description. I mean, the level of corruption in this and it’s all to basically take over the Government. And you heard Pelosi coming out, saying that, ‘Oh, we now have a mandate to change the economy’…I personally think that we need a Constitutional Amendment that says that the economic system cannot be changed without a two-thirds majority vote, period. This is ridiculous. Continue reading “Martin Armstrong Says The Reset Is Communism [Video]”

BLM Co-Founder’s Ties to Pro-Communist China Group [Video]

Chinese communist BLM influenceAlexandra Bruce – Mike Gonzalez, author of the recently-released book, ‘The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics Is Dividing the Land of the Free’ joins Jan Jekielek to reveal the financial and ideological ties he discovered between Black Lives Matter and the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s a very illuminating interview, worth listening to to the end. I’ve transcribed the first half below:

Jan Jekielek: I want to talk to you about this recent article that you’ve written, finding a connection between Black Lives Matter’s founder and all the pro-Chinese Communist Party groups in America. This is this is pretty fascinating, because there’s been people alleging these kinds of connections there’s some ideological overlap but this is the first time a kind of financial connection was discovered. Continue reading “BLM Co-Founder’s Ties to Pro-Communist China Group [Video]”

The Left’s Neverland

no civil warDeana Chadwell – I hear more and more frequently concerns about an impending civil war. It is certain that something momentous is taking place; the signs are all around us, but I’m not at all sure that the something will turn out to be two sides of the same country warring over principles, like the Civil War, which was mainly about slavery and states’ rights. Now, we’re up to our nose-piercings in politically polarizing problems and the leftist contingent of the country doesn’t even like America anymore.

If we come to open warfare, it will be as two separate nations battling it out. Over what? Not over policies, not over territory, not even over moral issues. We will be fighting over reality. Continue reading “The Left’s Neverland”

Black leaders: BLM about overthrow of U.S., not race

WND Staff – Many black leaders contend the growing Black Lives Matter movement isn’t really about empowering blacks, it’s about destroying the American system and rebuilding it according to Marxist principles.

The leaders recognize, points out Gatestone Institute senior fellow Soeren Kern, that Black Lives Matter is “an ideological descendant of the Black Power Movement, the Black Panthers, the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground.”

Those movements “sought to overthrow the U.S. political system.”

The focus on racial issues, Kern wrote, “appears to be a smokescreen for a much larger effort to dismantle the American economic, political and social systems and rebuild them from scratch — according to Marxist principles.” Continue reading “Black leaders: BLM about overthrow of U.S., not race”

Communism Is Reborn with a New Name in America

communismGary Gindler – Do some people really think that the impeachment, the corona-gulag, and the pogroms all occurred in America one after another in a completely random pattern of events?

Why did pre-planned and synchronized riots and looting suddenly arise?  Because the adventure with the coronavirus hysteria failed.

Why did the coronavirus hysteria suddenly lead to a corona-gulag being created?  Because the impeachment failed.

Why did impeachment suddenly arise?  Because “Russiagate” (or, rather, Obamagate) failed.

Why did “Russiagate” arise?  Because leftism was defeated in the 2016 elections. Continue reading “Communism Is Reborn with a New Name in America”