Communist Elitism

Ocasio CortezJeffrey Folks  – In communist Yugoslavia, where I lived for a year, Marshall Tito claimed at least 34 villas as his “home,” though officially all were “owned” by the state. Many of these palatial homes were seized from the nation’s former royalty, the Karađorđević family. Just like communists everywhere, Tito appropriated both the properties and the lifestyle of his predecessors. As far as ordinary Yugoslavs were concerned, the only difference was that the communists were more brutal than the royals. of Yugoslavia

In reality, the “vanguard of the proletariat,” as Marx called them, live like members of a royal court headed by a monarch. Like Ceaușescu in Romania or the Kim family in North Korea, Marxists everywhere construct huge palaces while working people go hungry. Their goal is to perpetuate their rule and secure it through spending on internal security (the purpose of which is not national defense but the defense of the ruling family or leadership). Continue reading “Communist Elitism”