The Law OF Polarity

consciousnessRandall Monk – Everything has an opposite. We have day and night, hot and cold, light and dark, good and bad, white and black. These are all different degrees (extremes) of the same thing. Hot and cold may appear to be opposite; however, they are just different degrees of the same thing – temperature.

Practices to Align with the Law of Polarity

Since everything has an opposite consider this: every misfortune has a silver lining!

Reminding yourself of this will help you get through challenging times by focusing on the silver lining. Continue reading “The Law OF Polarity”

January 2020 – Breaking Through The Veil

 consciousnessRosie Neal – January is bringing on the next wave of energy as a collective. It is not what many expected and it has a entire different feel too it. It will leave a imprint on all ages.

There are many going though the upgrades phase and in this process being disconnected from all that is not real from a dense material platform.

This will last for a period of time so you can be in a position to create from your own point of view.

Your own choice points without feelings of guilt or remorse or a sense of obligation. A few went though this in 2018. I personally experienced this on thanksgiving 2017. This was supposed to have been my exit point but instead I was pulled into another timeline that begun this shift. Now 2020 bringing in this next wave of this for the masses that are ready to receive. Continue reading “January 2020 – Breaking Through The Veil”

Is The Universe A Living Organism? [Video]

universeArjun Walia – Since the time of Plato, the human understanding of the universe has moved through two epoch-defining paradigms. These are the view of the universe as a great mind, moving into the view of the universe as a great machine. Today there are signs that the modern mind is moving  towards an organismic view of the universe, apprehended as an evolving, self-generating, and ultimately living process.” (Video below)

Today, our understanding of quantum mechanics is furthering our knowledge about how consciousness interacts with physical material reality, and perhaps how we as individuals as well as a collective are constantly interacting with the universe. Continue reading “Is The Universe A Living Organism? [Video]”

The higher path is open

source energyPars Kutay – We have been experiencing a wave of energy that has been coming from the creative Source and has been rippling through the dimensions of this universe.

This Source energy wave is helping beings all across our universe, the evolution of consciousness of all systems, planets, and beings that is certain to be the end result of this wave of energy from Source.

We do create our own reality, but we also have help, support, and wisdom coming from higher dimensions to help us create the reality that we desire to experience.

This is the time for the re-emergence of our sacred components. Continue reading “The higher path is open”

The Evolution Of Consciousness On Earth

consciousnessSean McCleary – The Higgs field is interconnected to the human experience and I will explain something. The foundation for the evolution of consciousness in existence is light energy, dark energy, pressure and love.

Consciousness is contained everywhere in existence in the form of frequency vibrations contained within light and dark energy. Consciousness and higher frequency vibrations generate light energy and consciousness and lower frequency vibrations generate dark energy.

Love is the primary evolutionary force which makes frequency vibrations, consciousness and light and dark energy more powerful. Pressure accumulates within the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy when certain types of evolutionary activity occur; or where there is change implemented with consciousness and matter in time and space.

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