AA Michael November 2019 Message

lightAA Michael – As we monitor your progress, measure the “light quotient” of your thought patterns, and observe how valiant and stalwart you are in your endeavors to integrate the wondrous energies of creator-consciousness, we are most gratified, as well as amazed, at your astounding progress. The maelstrom of negative thought forms that have swirled throughout the three lower astral planes, and which have affected humanity for eons of time, are gradually being replaced by uplifting thought forms of hope, inspiration, joy.

This will allow the reality that scarcity is only an imbalanced, negative thought form, which can be replaced with an assurance that abundance is everyone’s divine birthright. All you have to do in order to claim your heritage is to accept as your truth that you are worthy, and then to solidify that reality via your positive thoughts, deeds and actions. Continue reading “AA Michael November 2019 Message”

Artificial Timeline Wars

timelinesLisa Renee – Recently, we have witnessed some of the mysteries of the mechanics of creation unfolding, with recent revelations and advances in the war over consciousness and more specifically over timelines.

Ongoing changes in the architecture and timelines are having a ripple effect, weakening AI structures and essentially moving soul and monadic families out of artificial timelines.

This is especially impacting Fallen Melchizedek and Family of Michael groups that have been trapped, and can be accompanied by deep physical exhaustion and spatial displacement. This is also impacting ancestral lines supporting alterations in the birth transduction records, as well as DNA-RNA messaging.

Continue reading “Artificial Timeline Wars”

Our Leap in Consciousness

ConsciousnessAlex Collier – For thousands of years, religion and science have been at odds with each other, causing confusion, chaos, wars, fear, deception, and displacement of creative vision. We are going to witness and experience in the next years the release of facts regarding our ancient languages, and the explorers of our past, and the discoveries of archaeology and astronomy.

These truths of our past origins will point to an incredibly bright future. To put it more simply, our new spiritual realization or leap of consciousness will come from the quiet field of science and archaeology and not from religion. It is going to be science that’s going to give us the boost we need for leaping. It’s not going to be religion, spiritual teaching; it’s going to be science, facts. Continue reading “Our Leap in Consciousness”

Techniques to Expand Your Consciousness

consciousnessPaul Lenda – Evolution is a process of ebbs and flows. Contraction and expansion are a normal part of the process and both have their place. However, when we expand our perspective to have an ultra-wide field of awareness, we see that everything evolve and expands. Even the universe, the most macro-scale construct we know of, is in a state of expansion right now and has been for nearly 14 billion years.

The old Hermetic principle of ‘as above, so below’ holds true with our consciousness as well. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm. Our consciousness fractal yearns to expand and evolve. Periods of contraction are normal and even necessary to become clear on what is best for us, but the overall dynamic preferred by our consciousness is expansion. Continue reading “Techniques to Expand Your Consciousness”

This Most Important Equinox Brings Upgrades

You are all in the midst of the energy field of the most powerful and important Equinox humanity has ever experienced. For what you choose to focus on now ~ individually and collectively ~ is what will manifest in your world in 2020 and beyond. What do you choose to focus on during this powerful time of creation? ~ St. Germain & Lady Portia

loveSharon Rose – Just as the farmers plant seeds in the Spring that are harvested in the Autumn, the seeds you plant now in the fertile soil of the increasingly potent energy of Love and Light that is being downloaded from the Heavenly Realms are what will take form and manifest into your reality in 2020 and beyond.

This is the pivotal moment as you move through the Great Shift of the Ages, that you all came to Earth to experience, as the old way of limitation is being brought to the surface and revealed and made obsolete as YOU as awakened Creator Beings choose to co-create a new way of Joy and Freedom that you have come to live as the Champions and Way Showers of Love and Light, which will create a New Golden Age of Freedom, each in your own way. Continue reading “This Most Important Equinox Brings Upgrades”