The Calm Before The Storm? [Video]

corruptionAlexandra Bruce – The roll-out of the Police State in response to the coronavirus and the crashing of the global economy has shaken many of us to our core – and that includes longtime proponents of Q, like Sean from the SGT Report.

The bloom is off the rose of Q’s Hope Porn, as far as Sean is concerned and the first third of his interview with major Q proponent, Dave Hayes, aka Praying Medic is almost tense enough to cut with a knife.

He tells Praying Medic, “President Trump is surrounded by people who are true enemies to the Republic, one of which would be Doctor Fauci…we could go on to talk about the fact that this pandemic is now…a ‘plandemic”, as evidenced by the Rockefeller document from 2010, page 18, “Lock Step, more top-down authoritarian control on the back of a pandemic.” Continue reading “The Calm Before The Storm? [Video]”

Saudi Arabia Arrests 300 Officials in Huge ‘Corruption’ Raid

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – Saudi Arabia is arresting hundreds of government and military officials for corruption crimes, the nation’s anti-corruption agency reported.

Saudi Arabia’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) confirmed on Sunday that investigators would bring charges to against those currently held in custody.

Nazaha said in a statement that investigators would bring charges against 298 people on crimes such as abuse of power, bribery, and embezzlement.

In 2017, security forces arrested a number of princes and members of the kingdom’s elite in an attempt to combat corruption. Continue reading “Saudi Arabia Arrests 300 Officials in Huge ‘Corruption’ Raid”

Rudy Giuliani on YouTube: The Trial – Opening Statement [Video]

Rudy GiulianiAlexandra Bruce – This is the Moab.

Rudy Giuliani is bypassing our corrupt institutions and he is taking his case to YouTube!

This is the beginning of the end for Joe Biden, the DNC and the equally corrupt Mainstream Media.

Since our Department of Justice is so corrupt, private lawyers, like Judicial Watch and Rudy Giuliani are the only ones serving Federal justice in the USA. Continue reading “Rudy Giuliani on YouTube: The Trial – Opening Statement [Video]”

Corruption in Global Health Care May Exceed $1 Trillion

corruptionDr. Joseph Mercola – Investigations assessing the prevalence of scientific fraud and/or its impact show the problem is widespread and serious, to the point of making most of “science-based” medicine a genuine joke. Conflict of interest is another pervasive problem that threatens the integrity and believability of most studies.

We’ve been repeatedly faced with study findings that are clearly tainted with industry bias. For example, a 2014 study1,2,3 funded by the American Beverage Association purported to have found that diet soda makes you lose more weight than drinking no soda at all.

Its findings blatantly contradicted a massive body of research demonstrating that artificial sweeteners disrupt your body’s metabolism and lead to greater weight gain than regular sugar. Continue reading “Corruption in Global Health Care May Exceed $1 Trillion”

Profiles in Corruption [Video]

corruptionAlexandra Bruce – YouAreFreeTV proposes an interesting theory to explain the unrelenting fury of the impeachment hoaxers.

Given what we’ve learned through George Webb and others, about how US foreign aid had been transformed into a massive kickback scheme and how Ukraine had been transformed into a Wal-Mart of illegal weapons trafficking by the demonically-possessed wretches who work in our government, she asks whether this fixation on the Ukrainian loan and their claims about Trump’s “impeachable” “threat” to withhold it might be because this particular loan represented a massive payday for them? Continue reading “Profiles in Corruption [Video]”