Epstein and the Explosive Crisis of the Deep State

deep stateCharles Hugh Smith – Speculations by outsiders must give Deep State insiders many opportunities to chuckle, “if only they knew.” We don’t know, of course, and public leaks are engineered to misdirect our attention from what’s actually going on or “frame” our understanding in a positive way.

Decades later, history reveals a very ordinary mix of great successes and horrific failure in secret operations, caused by errors of judgment, faulty intelligence, poor planning and so on. In other words, life isn’t tidy, either inside or outside the Deep State.

Nonetheless we can postulate a few things with some certainty. One is that the Deep State– the unelected, permanent government which includes not just the intelligence community but a vast array of agencies and institutions as well as the top-level structures of diplomacy, finance and geopolitics–is not monolithic. There are different views and competing camps, but the disagreements and bureaucratic wars are kept out of sight. Continue reading “Epstein and the Explosive Crisis of the Deep State”

The Storm Is Upon Us

stormJohn Michael Chambers – In October 2017 as seen in this short video clip, President Trump said “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” What storm Mr. President (asked reporter), Trump replied, “You’ll find out”. Well that time has come. Yes, the storm is upon us. What storm? The battle between good and evil. Now that’s a storm.

Things will become increasingly more dangerous and challenging before we transition into a new norm here on planet earth. We are coming to see that all has not been what it seems. This goes far beyond just politics. This is global, affecting all of humanity.

Welcome to the great awakening. Welcome to your life! Continue reading “The Storm Is Upon Us”

Hillary’s Two-Year Tantrum

hillaryTim Ziegler – For the last two years we have all been forced to endure the temper tantrum thrown by Hillary Clinton over her second Presidential campaign loss just as the spectators in a grocery store aisle watch the young mother attempt to discipline her out-of-control toddler as it thrashes itself screaming across the floor.

The American people defeated Hillary in the Democrat Primary season of 2008. The popular version of that loss is that Obama overwhelmed the party with his charm. The reality is that Democratic Party voters chose his inexperience, melanin level, and vacuous campaign of “Hope and Change” over the known petulance and criminality that they had witnessed during the 1990s by the Clinton administration and didn’t want to give the keys of the republic to the Clintons again. Continue reading “Hillary’s Two-Year Tantrum”

UAW corruption scandal expands to Vice President Norwood Jewell

bribery scandalJerry White – Norwood Jewell, who led the United Auto Workers (UAW) contract negotiations with Fiat Chrysler (FCA) in 2015, was indicted by federal prosecutors Monday for taking tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from FCA executives.

Jewell is the highest UAW executive indicted so far in the ongoing federal investigation of the corruption scheme, which involved paying millions of dollars to UAW officials to sign and enforce pro-company contracts that gutted the jobs, wages and conditions of autoworkers. Four other UAW officials have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the corruption probe.

The indictment completely exposes the earlier claims by former UAW president Dennis Williams that the corruption scandal was unrelated to the “collective bargaining agreements” rammed through by the UAW in 2015 over mass opposition. Continue reading “UAW corruption scandal expands to Vice President Norwood Jewell”

Eastern Europe is Still Under the Veil of Corruption

The United States, Canada, Central and South America are separated from the European continent by the Atlantic Ocean.  Perhaps that is the reason American media are often detached from what is occurring outside America.

Andrej Babis
Andrej Babis

In fact Americans tend to remain ignorant about the political, economic and social events shaping the European continent. This is an important because events occurring in Europe have potential to affect the entire world.

Foreigners must see these individual events as part of a larger picture. Andrej Babis, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic is currently at the centre of a corruption scandal (as reported by irozhlas.cz: Rychlokurz v kauze OKD).

Corruption is nothing new to the Czech population nor American audiences that watch from abroad. Politicians and businessmen are constantly in an exchange behind-the-scenes. This harsh reality is especially true for the countries in the Warsaw Pact. After decades of Soviet control, these countries are still trying to recover.

Babis is the one of the wealthiest citizens of the Czech Republic and has used his popularity and riches to assume the role of Prime Minister. However, he has been in trouble for not completely separating himself from the role he played in his companies. This is a concern shared by many in the United States with President Trump’s role in his businesses. Continue reading “Eastern Europe is Still Under the Veil of Corruption”