To be incarnate as a human is a gift of inestimable value

loveJohn Smallman – Life is a divine and infinitely joyful creation of our infinitely wise and loving Source, and It is what we are, both those of us in form and those of us without form – an eternal and expanding flow of infinite energy that is most easily understood if defined as love.

As humans in form, you all want love, and for many it seems that it is outside you, to be found within someone else.  So you spend large parts of your human lives seeking it from that perfect other who you hope will, when found, fulfill you, making you feel complete, seen, heard, understood (at last!), and cherished above all others.  But of course what you seek elsewhere can only be found within yourselves, because you are all, each and every one of you without any exceptions of any kind, already and utterly inseparably One with Source – you are the Love that you seek.

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