Why You Can Do Anything You Want… And Why You Can’t

humanPaul Rosenberg – People frequently tell children “You can do anything you want.” And this causes a lot of confusion, because in the real world, they can’t. And after their first clash with the aforesaid real world, the child is left wondering all sorts of unpleasant things:

Did mom and dad lie to me?

Are they just ignorant?

Am I defective?

Should I find someone to blame?

The worst thing about this, however, is that the child is likely to have their opinion of themselves reduced. And that’s tragic. As I’ve noted many times, we are magical creatures. Humans, alone in the known universe, are able to create willfully… are able to reverse entropy willfully. Continue reading “Why You Can Do Anything You Want… And Why You Can’t”

The American destiny – The creative force at the dawn of a new future

CreativityJon Rappoport – Whenever a breakthrough occurs for the individual, there is a stepping back, a retrenching, a delay, an attempt to reset the clock and push the breakthrough away. This delay tactic can last a week, a month, or, historically, a hundred years.

We are in the middle of such a delay, after serial revelations that erupted in the latter part of the 19th century.

Individual artists (and a few philosophers) became aware that: imagination gives birth to ideas that in turn shape personal reality.

Therefore, reality is very elastic and changeable.

America—and indeed, the world—stood on the brink of a great internal revolution.

The creative IS the spiritual. Continue reading “The American destiny – The creative force at the dawn of a new future”

NASA: Humans Are Born Creative Geniuses, Then Schools Dumb Us Down [w/ Video]

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – Scientists at NASA claim that humans are born with a natural flare for creativity and innate intelligence which eventually gets eroded away once they enter the education system.

At TEDxTuscon, Dr. George Land told his audience about a creativity test he developed for NASA scientists, that allowed them to measure the creative potential of school children.

Ideapod.com reports: The scientists gave the test to 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5. What they found shocked them.

This is a test that looks at the ability to come up with new, different and innovative ideas to problems. What percentage of those children do you think fell in the genius category of imagination?

A full 98 percent!

It gets more interesting Continue reading “NASA: Humans Are Born Creative Geniuses, Then Schools Dumb Us Down [w/ Video]”

Oracle Report Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Full Moon Phase in Pisces: clarity, revelations

Sun: 18 Leo – “a chemist conducts an experiment for his students”

Higher Expression: remixing or reshuffling elements of a situation, trying something new, transformation of one state (of mind?) to another

Lower Expression: fear of venturing outside of boundaries or into something new, holding back, discarding ideas or options based on fear of change

Earth: 18 Aquarius – “a man being unmasked at a masquerade”

Higher Expression: out in the open, pleasant surprises, going beyond the persona, transcendental

Lower Expression: secrets, embarrassment, harsh self-criticism and judgment, going into something unprepared

venusLaura Walker – True colors show today.

Within today’s Sabian symbol energetics we have a chemist (an “alchemist”), a masked man, a lady wrapped in fox fur, and a clown. What do you think about this crew?

These energetics bring revelations! Are you ready for more?

Continue reading “Oracle Report Wednesday, August 9, 2017”

Genius or Madness?

Christina Lavers – There has long been an association between creative genius and madness. In many respects this apparent relationship is not surprising since both involve a deviation from what is described as a ‘normal’ approach. The ability to think outside the box involves the adoption of perspectives that might not appear obvious to the average person.

Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, Beethoven, Kurt Cobain and Robin Williams are just a few of the many creative geniuses who are believed to have suffered from some form of mental illness. When we examine the intense beauty and power of their creations, and the epic lives many of these individuals led, it can be almost instinctive to want to romanticize aspects of mental illness as it is often seen as the key to their genius. However, anyone who has experienced mental illness, either first-hand or through a loved one, knows that there is nothing romantic about the associated suffering.

Over the years mounting evidence has shown a significantly higher proportion of people who suffer from various forms of mental illness within the creative industries. One study examined 300,000 people who suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or unipolar depression, and their relatives, and found a distinct over-representation in creative professions for those diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as undiagnosed siblings of those with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Continue reading “Genius or Madness?”