Avoid Becoming Hypnotized By Cultural Illusions

cultural hypnosisPaul Lenda – Cultural illusions are everywhere. They are promoted and normalized by the mouthpieces of the Distortion, fooling people into believing that they are true. Once you are “awake” to how much of what you were taught to believe was a lie, an illusion, you break the spell cast onto you.

Modern psychonaut mystic Terence McKenna once said that culture is a mass hallucination, and he was right. Practically everything within our culture, and many cultures around the world, stems from being disconnected from who we truly are.

Would you be giving your attention (energy) to things that promote division, competition, and fear? Of course not. As an awakened being living out a human experience here on Earth, you would see all of that is maya, illusion. It is not reflective of what a reality would be where everyone and everything was aligned and in resonance. Continue reading “Avoid Becoming Hypnotized By Cultural Illusions”