AG Jeff Sessions Must be Fired or He Must Resign [w/ Video]

sessionsJoe Hoft – For months it’s been clear that AG Sessions is a total failure. He recused himself and then hired crook Rod Rosenstein as Asst AG who then created the crooked Mueller investigation.  If this republic is to [continue, Sessions must go!

The US cannot have multiple layers of laws. It’s impossible to have some individuals who do not have to abide by the same laws as the rest of the population.  We also cannot stand for the corrupt FBI, DOJ and State Departments (amongst others) that are able to spy, lie and assault Americans for faulty crimes.  Obama’s Administration was corrupt and dishonest at all levels and so it’s no surprise that the entire federal government is corrupt.  These people must be swept out.  It’s starts with AG Sessions!

AG Sessions praised Asst AG Rosenstein the same day Rosenstein was identified in the FISA memo as one of the individuals who signed off on the slanderous FISA memo to spy on President Trump.  Mueller’s investigation is full of former Clinton and Obama corrupt cronies.  The FBI and DOJ continue to delay and prevent Congress from seeing information requested for month.  Much of the information is unnecessarily redacted from the individuals (Congress) who has the mandate to oversee these same institutions. Continue reading “AG Jeff Sessions Must be Fired or He Must Resign [w/ Video]”

The Ascendancy of the DC Swamp Creatures

trumpPatricia McCarthy – Why are so many of the people who have risen to the top of our government institutions, those who become the leaders or directors of our alphabet agencies, so imperious, so devious, so malevolent, so lacking in character and so disdainful of the American people?  How is it that people of good character no longer want to work for the government or run for elective office?   The answer: because it is not just a swamp, it is a toxic, venomous morass of self-serving lowlifes.

Consider the people we have come to know a bit about:  Lois Lerner — she was proud and happy to sabotage the non-profit  status of every conservative group who applied for it throughout the Obama administration.  She pled the 5th Amendment when testifying before Congress and walked away with a very generous pension.  John Koskinen, her boss, was even more overtly dismissive of the law when he appeared before Congress.  It was under his leadership that thousands of back-up tapes and emails mysteriously disappeared.  He retired without suffering any consequences of his illegal bad acts. Continue reading “The Ascendancy of the DC Swamp Creatures”

Ongoing Democratic Party Crime Spree Exposes Deep State As An International Crime Syndicate

What you are seeing is unparalleled criminal abuse of prosecutorial and investigative powers by the DOJ and FBI, respectively.  Countless Deep State co-conspirators are actually carrying out a soft coup which could easily turn into a violent coup d’état should their malicious prosecutions fail.” — Independent Political Analyst

Andrew McCabe

State of the Nation – If nothing else, the Democratic Party has shown the whole world that they are totally lawless and corrupt to the core.  In so doing the Democratic leadership has repeatedly demonstrated their extreme loyalty to Deep State, not to the Republic.

The Obama Administration and Clinton Foundation, Comey’s FBI and Lynch’s DOJ, Brennan’s C.I.A. and Johnson’s DHS, Podesta’s 2016 Campaign and Wasserman Schultz’s DNC — all of them have shamelessly displayed a level of sheer criminality and flagrant corruption never witnessed before by the American people.

Quite remarkably, the coup plotters continue with the conduct of their crime wave —  in broad daylight — as though nobody is watching.

MISSED POINT: The inconceivably reckless FISAgate scandal is exactly the type of deformed political progeny that such a dangerous marriage of Obama arrogance and Clinton ignorance was destined to produce.  And, yet, it is this grave miscarriage of incestuous justice for which every U.S. citizen ought to be eternally grateful; because of FISAgate: The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse.

What really happened?

Continue reading “Ongoing Democratic Party Crime Spree Exposes Deep State As An International Crime Syndicate”

The Schiff Is About to Hit the Fan

Ben Garrison – The FISA abuse memo is dynamite. It can and should blow up in the collective face of the Deep State.

deep state

Those crooks have for too long considered themselves above the law, perhaps because they’ve grown complacent and too used to always getting away with their crimes. Hillary Clinton is a prime example.

So is the narcissist Barack Obama, a CIA creation who has abused the FISA warrant process. Essentially, he committed a felony by using a fake, paid-for fabricated anti-Trump dossier as the basis to illegally spy on private citizens.

He did this to not only protect his Deep State masters, but also to help cement his legacy from being dismantled. The FBI became politicized at the top and they also did their best to make sure their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, was elected. Continue reading “The Schiff Is About to Hit the Fan”

The Global Elites Used Us, Abused Us, and Dumped Us

Anonymous Patriot Condor – Time to boil down an executive summary of some of the historical highlights concerning the Global Elite’s modus operandi of suppression, sabotage and theft of humanity’s great accomplishes over many millennia. It appears their goal is to keep humanity enslaved and subservient to them as a feeding host.

deep stateAs horrific as it might sound, I have concluded the Global Elite sees its present host, the United States, like the poor spider in the side picture. The wasp will live on through its larvae, by digesting its host country and then moving on to the next meal (target).  It typically takes one or two centuries to complete the process and destroy the host.

Before the United States, they feasted on Europe. Prior to Europe they feasted on the Mediterranean region. Prior to that we had the Middle East…and India prior to that. Who knows how far back in history humanity has been feasted on. Continue reading “The Global Elites Used Us, Abused Us, and Dumped Us”