Big Globalist Deals are Money Laundering Frauds [Video]

jandaGreg Hunter – Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says Trump is bringing big changes to the world with tough talk on trade. At the end of the G-7 economic forum, Trump said America is “like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing, and that ends.” Trump is basically saying America has been cheated in trade deals for decades and countries like China, Canada and Mexico are ripping us off.

Janda, who has deep political and Intel sources, says, “Yes, that is correct. Go back to 1992 and Ross Perot. He was demagogued by the media as a crazy man. He was marginalized. He was ridiculed. 110% of what Ross Perot said about NAFTA is correct. It was a great ‘sucking sound’ of jobs leaving and manufacturing jobs leaving. Who benefited by that?

Multinational corporations that are run by the globalists and political leaders. . . . All these agreements that are created by the globalists are money laundering fronts. Whether it’s NAFTA or whether it’s the Iran deal, they are all money laundering fronts.” Continue reading “Big Globalist Deals are Money Laundering Frauds [Video]”

Panic in the Deep State [Video]

newmanGreg Hunter – Journalist Alex Newman has written extensively about the New World Order, the push for one world government by globalists and the so called “Deep State” that has it’s invisible hand in just about everything. Newman contends things have not been going well for the people who want to rule the world since Trump won in 2016.

Newman contends, “I get the impression they are very worried, and there is a lot of evidence that they are getting concerned they are losing their grip on power.  I think we are starting to see some panic now.  It very much reminds me of the rats fleeing the sinking ship expression.

I think we are going to see some very interesting things in the days ahead.  Trump has kind of gotten them cornered.  I think they are actually very, very nervous about what comes next. . . .  There are a lot of good things happening, and bad guys are starting to get nervous.”

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FBI Agents Set To Testify Against Comey & Obama Threatened With Murder

agentSean Adl-Tabatabai – Multiple FBI agents set to testify against Barack Obama and James Comey say they are being threatened with murder for daring to speak out.

According to multiple reports, rank-and-file FBI agents who are desperate to testify against the Obama administration for their criminal misdeeds, feel they can’t due to a very real chance of reprisal from the Deep State.

Diamond and Silk reports: According to one special agent, he doesn’t think the bad actors are fearful or concerned about Congressional oversight. ”

The inmates have been running the asylum and they don’t respect, much less fear, their overseers. We know we’ll be hung out to dry.” Continue reading “FBI Agents Set To Testify Against Comey & Obama Threatened With Murder”

Trump Must Defeat His Enemies

muellerAmerican Liberty Report – Special Counsel Robert Mueller had his friends at the New York Southern District US Attorney’s office raid and loot the home and offices of President Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen. This unconstitutional act was carried out after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed off on the raid. This investigation has moved from a farce to an attempted coup d’etat against America at this point.

Cooler heads are advising President Trump, who says he will not fire Robert Mueller — but at this point, could you honestly blame him if Mr. Trump started ordering drone strikes on the homes of his enemies?

Attorney-client privilege is a sacrosanct part of the common law in Western civilization. The earliest reference to attorney-client privilege is in a 1577 court case — 30 years before the first American colony was founded. That’s how long attorney-client privilege has been around and it is a key pillar of the law in America. Continue reading “Trump Must Defeat His Enemies”

McCabe Should Sweat Prison, Not Pension

Andrew McCabe

Daniel John Sobieski – You can stop looking for Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the back of a milk carton.  Confronted by overwhelming evidence in a report by the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) and a rare recommendation from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), he has fired liar and leaker Andrew McCabe in a move that can only be a harbinger for indictments to come that go beyond these offenses against honor and the law.

In his response to his firing, McCabe lied again, ignoring his multitude of offenses only to whine about persecution by a vindictive President Trump:

For the last year and a half, my family and I have been the targets of an unrelenting assault on our reputation and my service to this country.  Articles too numerous to count have leveled every sort of false, defamatory and degrading allegation against us.  

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