Take A Good Look At What You Feel Like You Need To Defend

illusion Michelle Walling, CHLC – If you find yourself in defense mode about anything that is coming up in your life, step back and take a good look at why you feel this way. Defense with a negative feeling behind it has its roots in fear and illusion. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Being fooled? Feeling? Looking ignorant? Being wrong?

If you allow this feeling to surface and then follow the thread of this feeling back to the reason why you feel this way, you can then let that layer peel back for good with the vulnerability it provides. Identifying where you are still carrying these lower vibrational feelings is a part of the “work” we are all doing right now, and until you finally uncover why you are having this feeling, it will continue to repeat itself in your life. Continue reading “Take A Good Look At What You Feel Like You Need To Defend”