Gamma Ray Bursts, Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays, Shifts In Human Consciousness

James Gilliland – As many know we are getting bombarded by gamma ray bursts, solar flares, cosmic rays and other magnetic influences due to the alignment with Galactic Plane. Many are observing the unprecedented increase in earthquake, volcanic eruptions along with severe weather. What we are not seeing is how these energies affect human consciousness.

The earth is expanding – busting at the seams. We are expanding as well. These energies affect the bioelectric fields surrounding the human body all the way to the DNA level. Continue reading “Gamma Ray Bursts, Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays, Shifts In Human Consciousness”

Unity consciousness is Being at One with God

DNADear Family, The recent dual eclipses along with the Venus Transit happening this first week in June, have surely been doing their job by shaking up the energetic environment and therefore shaking up the status quo.

These energies are abrupt, sudden and intense, and are designed to really rock the boat to reveal what’s hidden, so remaining as stable as possible, keeping an even keel, will help serve to navigate through these choppy waters.

There is a sensation of great unease in the larger fields, as the space between breaths right before a great “cosmic sneeze”. We know in our cells something huge is coming and there is a level of preparation getting ready for it. Continue reading “Unity consciousness is Being at One with God”

Solar Coding, Crystal Body and DNA

DNALisa Renee – As we move through the eclipse season and into the Summer Solstice, the Sun is receiving a tremendous variation of solar streams in the form of highly refined electromagnetic frequencies from the Cosmic Founder Source Domains, directing plasma transmissions from the Pleiadian star system.

These solar streams from the Pleiades are catalyzed by the return of Solar Christ Michael and Solar Christ Mary into dimensionalization, and are filled with golden cube solar codes that are transmitting activations to the human Crystal Body and DNA. During this phase, the solar coded streams are building the krystal holographic architecture to prepare for the density shift that is occurring soon which will radically change the base magnetism of the Earth and the Sun. Continue reading “Solar Coding, Crystal Body and DNA”

Susan Alexander’s fascinating DNA music

DNAJill Mattson – Again, a scientific team measured four base DNA molecules: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. Each molecule after being subjected to light, yielded about 15 or 18 frequencies; 60 in all. These notes could not be found on our pianos.

The tuning system on ordinary keyboards is an artificial one, based on and adapted from the natural harmonic series. Around the time of J.S. Bach, equal temperament as a favored tuning system came into being to solve the problem of modulating through different keys. (Bach did not entirely welcome it. Its sound was inferior to the sweet concordances of just intonation). Continue reading “Susan Alexander’s fascinating DNA music”

Those Strange Paracas Elongated Skulls Once Again

elongated skullsJoseph P Farrell – On a few occasions I’ve blogged about those strange elongated (and apparently humanoid) skulls that were found near Paracas, Peru several years ago. My approach has been one of guarded skepticism and at the same time, my usual “high octane speculation.” My usual method when indulging in such speculations has been (1) to assume for the sake of that speculation that a strange or anomalous story is true, and then (2) to speculate on its implications.

Paracas elongated skullWell, today’s story from V.T. who spotted and shared it deserves a big thank you, because this latest development brings more into focus what my previous speculations on these strange skulls might imply:

DNA Results Show The Elongated Paracas Skulls Are Not Native American Continue reading “Those Strange Paracas Elongated Skulls Once Again”