10 Months Left to Save the Republic [Video]

Harley SchlangerAlexandra Bruce – 30-year NSA veteran, Bill Binney and LaRouche Foundation spokesman, Harley Schlanger joined Sean at the SGT Report to discuss new information about the fake “Russian fingerprints” found in the DNC “hacks” and the evidence that it was an inside job.

A central claim of the Mueller Report and the entire “Russian hacking” narrative is that the DNC server was hacked by Russian intelligence (GRU), via the the now-defunct DCLeaks website and the “persona” of a Romanian taxi driver using the handle, “Guccifer 2.0”. Continue reading “10 Months Left to Save the Republic [Video]”

Tucker Carlson blows lid on Democrat election conspiracy

GabbardFrank HolmesTucker Carlson is a lifelong conservative, but he’s gotten insider information that has blown the lid off the Democrat Party’s attempt to squash one of its own presidential candidates — because she’s too politically incorrect!

The DNC never wanted viewers to see or hear Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii…and they’ve pulled out all the stops to shut down her campaign.

If Gabbard were allowed to speak, she would have exposed just how out of control the party has become.

“The DNC is trying to basically send a message to the American people that they are the all-powerful gatekeepers and that they’re the ones who have the power to decide who should be considered to be our Democratic nominee or not,” Gabbard told Tucker. “The whole thing is a charade. And it doesn’t serve voters.” Continue reading “Tucker Carlson blows lid on Democrat election conspiracy”

Fusion GPS Bank Records Show Payments from Clinton Campaign and DNC


Sara Carter“I was often smeared,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Fox News. “And now, what we know is, there’s a link between those who were doing the smearing and Fusion GPS.”

“When we were investigating Fusion GPS, they were actively involved in working to smear me to obstruct justice, to derail our investigation — and so, I’m gonna hold these guys accountable, and this is just one of many steps we’re gonna continue to take,” continued Nunes.

Nunes filed a $9.9 million federal conspiracy lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia alleging that the Fusion GPS behind the anti-Trump Steele dossier coordinated with another group to file several fraudulent and harassing ethics complaints intended to derail his investigation.

Continue reading “Fusion GPS Bank Records Show Payments from Clinton Campaign and DNC”

Deep State Finally Meets Its Match – Ed Butowsky [Video]

ButowskyAlexandra Bruce – This is a chilling story about the lynchpin that, in a just world, would dismantle the pathetic “Russian Collusion” fraud and the DNC’s psychological civil war being waged on the public. It’s scary that hardly anyone is covering this but given how corrupt they are and their willingness to destroy lives and kill innocent people, it’s not surprising.

Ed Butowsky is a successful businessman from Texas who appeared frequently as a financial pundit on Fox Business. During the Republican Primary in 2016, he was a supporter of Carly Fiorina and later of Marco Rubio. He says he’s never spoken with or met Donald Trump. Continue reading “Deep State Finally Meets Its Match – Ed Butowsky [Video]”

DNC Bans Fox News

dncSara Carter – The Democratic National Committee’s public rebuke of Fox News is really a public rebuke of anyone who watches the network.

It seems the DNC hasn’t learned much from its past mistakes: Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is the biggest example.

And we all know what happened with her strategy. She underestimated and undermined many midwest voters and middle-class Americans. Many of those voters were independents and when she called President Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” she helped sink her own election.

That’s exactly what the DNC is calling viewers of Fox News “deplorables.”

The DNC has drawn a line in the sand, making their divisions public by saying it won’t allow the network to broadcast any of its 2020 presidential primary debates. Continue reading “DNC Bans Fox News”