Dolores Cannon Compilation Concerning “The Event”

The Evemt
Dolores Cannon

Jonathan Carty – It’s taken a few weeks but I’ve finally gotten through this entire book and I have been bookmarking various pages so that I can come back and write an article about the amazing information she is getting through her clients while they are in a deep trance state.

The clients are being given QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) sessions where the person finds out why they are having the problems they are experiencing in this lifetime.

After a while, Dolores began getting information about The Event and many other metaphysical concepts and knowledge that humanity is now supposed to learn (or re-learn in some cases) while the person was under. This information is given by a source which she calls the ‘subconscious/higher-self/oversoul’.

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Dolores Cannon’ s Vision Of A New Earth [Video]

liloumace | December 2011

The earth is going to separate into the new earth and the old earth.  This is similar to the biblical “new heaven new earth.”

The earth is a living being, and is moving into a new incarnation in a different dimension.  This requires the earth to change her vibratory frequency. Those who move with the earth much also upgrade vibration to match the new Earth vibration.

View entire video here (~ 45 minutes)