A Last Quarter Moon of Difficult Yet Optimistic Evolution

HaumeaHenry Seltzer – Friday morning’s Last Quarter Moon presents a revised vision of the outer planet themes that have been present in the astrology all this year, most especially as revealed in the New Moon eclipse from mid-February that began the current cycle. These have been difficult for us to navigate, and yet also exciting, to the extent that we can rise above obstacles and make important progress with higher goals, implying that by so doing we advance our own spiritual evolution in a significant way.

This lunar phase in any case represents a shift in attitude in response to what has been learned through the course of the past three weeks, as we move through these challenging and yet stimulating astrological currents. In this current timing the Sun is conjunct Neptune, a planet that was also quite significant in the recent March 1st Full Moon, while the antithetical presence of Saturn, in early Capricorn, is also emphasized now. Continue reading “A Last Quarter Moon of Difficult Yet Optimistic Evolution”