Riding the Storm: Does the Sun Trigger Hurricanes and Social Unrest?

“Great Wall Of Plasma” March 27, 2015. – www.spaceweather.com

Therese Wade – What do the activities of our sun have to do with the increase in extreme weather, public scandals, mass tragedies and social unrest that we are experiencing here on earth? According to indigenous and shamanic belief, and their understanding of life and the universe… everything.

Each time I travel to the Southwest, I happen to cross paths with a different indigenous Indian man who teaches me about this period of accelerated change and instability.

The indigenous people of our land have valuable insight to share with us. Their oral traditions, passed down from generation to generation have long forecast this period of instability as part of a repeating cycle, which their ancient ancestors have lived through before.

This cycle involves our sun’s natural rhythms as it journeys around the galaxy, and the simultaneous maturing process of human beings within this solar system. According to indigenous and shamanic belief, the adventures and affairs of our sun get reflected on every level, from the geography and weather of the Earth, to our social structures and the activity of our individual brains — the way we think and interact with each other, and our transition, disruptive and tumultuous as it may be, into a new era. Continue reading “Riding the Storm: Does the Sun Trigger Hurricanes and Social Unrest?”

The Expanding Earth [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Before there was a Flat Earth, there was an Expanding Earth – as far as YouTube is concerned.

At first blush, the Expanding Earth Hypothesis or “Expando-Earth,” as Clif High calls it, does seem pretty wacky but it can be argued to make more sense than Plate Tectonics which, let’s face it is pretty damned crazy, with its wild and woolly subduction zones.

Back in 2009, when I first saw an animation of the expanding Earth on YouTube, my reaction was, “Yes, the continents do all fit together – but whoever came up with this idea is smoking that wacky tabacky.” That person who first published about it in 1975 was Tasmanian geologist Samuel Carey, who was well-respected even if his hypothesis was not.

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physical bodyLisa Renee – This year begins the change in the law of structure in the planetary body referred to as Morphogenesis, which gives us opportunities to explore how these structural changes in energy to matter impact our manifestations. The physical body is extremely important during this stage, as what we are here to shift on the earth can only happen while we remain inside an ascending human body.

We will look at the agenda behind Transhumanism to interfere with the true higher consciousness embodiment process during the Ascension Cycle.  We will discuss the multiple sections of the bifurcated earth, changes in Guardian groups and the Rise of the Paliadorians, where some will begin to embody higher DNA imprints in order to return the earth to the rightful benevolent stewardship of loving Guardians.

As we move into the next five years, which are defined as the Morphogenesis stage of the Ascension Cycle, we are encountering drastic geomagnetic recalibration and structural changes within the planetary architecture that begin new stages of higher consciousness coming into physical Embodiment at multiple layers of awareness.

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A Balancing Wave

fifth dimensionSteve Rother – Greetings from Home. I am the Scientist of the Heart.

I have joined you this day to tell you about some interesting things taking place on your planet over the next several months. There will be opportunities appearing and many will see openings where they once found resistance.

There is a shifting taking place and these new alignments are opening as humans evolve. You have had to experience massive changes to arrive here. There was no easy way to do that, but you have made it and are ready to move to the next level. You will find that it is up to you to choose whether or not to step through these new openings. These opportunities are entirely yours and you can move through them with your own energy. Let us share with you more about as the energy is changing planet Earth itself.

Pushed in the Timeline

Some time ago you were pushed into the timeline. Now earth is edging toward the other side of that push. What happened was that two neutron stars collided some time ago, sending a wave of energy that was predicted by Einstein many years before. That wave hit planet Earth in a massive wash, which started to shift your timeline because gravity and time have a relationship. It felt like the rug was being pulled out from under everyone, which created a panic wave. Continue reading “A Balancing Wave”

Mysterious Hum From Deep Inside The Earth Revealed: Scientists Have NO IDEA What It Actually Is!

earthAlex Thomas – It has long been known that the Earth continually generates a low-frequency vibration signal, with attempts at recording the “hum” going back to at least 1959 while finally been conclusively proven in 1998 despite the fact that scientists have no idea what is actually causing it.

Now, for the first time ever, scientists have actually measured the hum using seismic instruments placed at the bottom of the ocean.

“The researchers first gathered data from 57 seismometer stations located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, between 2012 and 2013,” the United Kingdom’s Mirror newspaper reported. Continue reading “Mysterious Hum From Deep Inside The Earth Revealed: Scientists Have NO IDEA What It Actually Is!”

Spatial Cognizance – A Hathor Planetary Message

Tom Kenyon – Your world is in the midst of an immense metamorphosis.

It is like a giant serpent shedding its old skin. New realities are emerging as old realities are being sloughed off. As an embodied being in the midst of this radical transformation the challenges facing you may seem, at times, overwhelming.

We have referred to this process in previous communications, and for a larger context for this message we would refer you to four previous messages we have given: Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and The Dismantling of 3-D RealityTransitions StatesThe Fifth Perspective: Transcending Time and Space, and Restoration. (Note: Click on the underlined links above or go to the Hathor section of the website,www.tomkenyon.com)

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