March Madness And Ten Days Of Darkness

march madnessJohn Michael Chambers – Q, or QANON, has told us, as previously forecast in Q drop intel, that there will be “March Madness” and “Ten days of darkness”. Well my friends and fellow patriots, this has now arrived. One can certainly agree that madness has arrived here in March and what has occurred, is occurring and yet to be seen, is in part, what this articles is about. Making sense of the madness. Something about all this just doesn’t seem right? You are right. Trust your instincts and turn off the Fake News.

The Coronavirus Crisis

Yes of course there really is a virus and it is making people sick and some are dying. Yes, the majority of those infected with this virus recover in three to six weeks, some sooner. Yes it has, to date, spread now to 138 countries that we know of.

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Economic Damage Done, Ponzi Ending [Video]

financial resetGreg Hunter – Looks like there is good news to report on effective treatments for the “China Virus” coming to the public. One is in the form of the anti-malaria drug — Chloroquine. It has been scientifically proven to be effective in treating this virus. There are also a few others, and President Trump is cutting red tape at the FDA to get them approved fast.

Now the bad news. The financial damage done by the China Virus is increasing and is not reversible. Layoffs are increasing, and businesses are going bust. Now, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is telling people to shelter-in-place until further notice. Top money manager Ray Dalio says the world could lose $12 trillion because of the China Virus. Continue reading “Economic Damage Done, Ponzi Ending [Video]”

China Virus Accelerating End Stage of Fiat Currency [Video]

JettGreg Hunter – Wayne Jett is an accomplished lawyer who has argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jett is also an expert on the Federal Reserve and says all the signs he sees say we are nearing the end of the line for the debt based monetary system.

Jett explains, “We are at the end stage of the fiat currency disease, which means they always go to zero. It’s just a matter of how long can they extend it in terms of the way they are able to acquire more hard assets with their worthless currency before it goes to zero for the rest of us. . . . I believe the Trump Administration is on the course towards turning to sound currency, meaning an end to the Fed and meaning something in return to something like a gold standard. Continue reading “China Virus Accelerating End Stage of Fiat Currency [Video]”

Maniac Money Printers Gone Mad Fighting China Virus [Video]

PentoGreg Hunter – Money manager Michael Pento has long warned about China’s rapid accumulation of debt that now stands at $40 trillion. The coronavirus coming out of China is only going to make China’s problems far worse.

Pento explains, “China has the biggest amassing of debt the world has ever seen and at the fastest pace never before matched in history. This is a country teetering on meltdown.

Multinational companies like Nike, Apple and Google . . . major U.S. corporations are saying we cannot give accurate readings for what’s going to happen in all of 2020, and yet Wall Street doesn’t care.  It is because China, the United States and all the other central banks are printing money like never before trying to mollify the effects of this virus. . . . Continue reading “Maniac Money Printers Gone Mad Fighting China Virus [Video]”

Fed Cannot Stop Money Printing [Video]

Craig HemkeGreg Hunter – A year ago, financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted the Fed would be forced to return to money printing. He was right. Hemke also predicted this would be bullish for gold and silver prices. He was right again.

Now, Hemke says, unlike the other times, this time, the Fed will not be able to stop the money printing. Hemke explains, “You’ve got to keep printing cash to service all this accumulated trillions and trillions of dollars of debt. You can’t grow your way out of it.

You have to print your way out of it. They can’t let the stock market go down. I think it’s a $20 trillion total market cap. If it went down by 25%, it would be $15 trillion. That would be $5 trillion that would just go poof, and now, your liquidity crisis is that much worse. . . . They can’t afford to let it go down because it will exacerbate the liquidity crisis.” Continue reading “Fed Cannot Stop Money Printing [Video]”